#FitFriday Chest & Back Superset

It’s Finally Friday! What a long week, but that’s ok. The weekend is the perfect time to grab some weights and work on your gains. And just in time Jim and I put together a Chest & Back Superset just for you.

What is a Superset? A superset is when you combine two different exercises without rest between them.

Let’s recap.

  • Stretch & Warm Up: Angels, Pull Ups, and Push Ups
  • Superset #1: Incline Dumbbell Presses & Reverse Grip Pull Downs
  • Superset #2: Flat Barbell Press & Seated Rows
  • Superset #3: Flat Single Arm Alternating Press & Single Arm Bent Rows
  • Superset #4: Chest Machine Flys & Rows to failure

Each of these moves should be repeated about 12-15 times. And to start, you should repeat each Superset twice.

This is my favorite way of working out because while your resting one area, you are working on another, and back and forth. There’s little rest in between, and my workout goes by so much faster.

We hope you liked this workout! If you’re interested in different supersets, and/or custom workouts, contact Jim.


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