Meet My Trainer

Happy Friday everyone!

Here it is, our very first installment in our Fit Friday series. Today I simply wanted to introduce my personal trainer, James Mc Intyre.

Everyone has a story on why they get into fitness, and in this vlog he shares with us what lead him down the road of health and fitness. Jim also shares his healthy tip of the week, so make sure you check it out!

I know-I know, the sound is not the best, but when it comes to the video world, I am learning as I go. Looking for a good NIKON DSLR video camera mic, anyone have suggestions?

Make sure you join us again next week for a new installment of Fit Friday. We’ll be starting our intro to lifting.

Thank you Jim for doing this with me. And a huge thanks to 9th Street Gym in Hoboken, NJ for allowing us to film there.


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