SNACK by Emme Burton


By Emme Burton

  • Publication Date: January 5, 2016
  • Genre: Romance, Second Chance Romance, Romantic Comedy

Marcus “Snack” Snackenberg is a born ladykiller.

When Minnie Cooper moves back to her dad’s hometown as a child, with her two brothers and Star Wars action figures in tow, they become immediate friends.

By junior high, Minnie, although unaware, is in love with him.

Snack is completely in touch with his feelings for her.

Sometimes the villain in the story isn’t a person.

Sometimes it’s time.

And space.

And fear.

Fear of losing the best friend you’ve ever had.


An overnight romance…twenty-six years in the making.

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I don’t even know where to start; I got this book while at Rebels & Reader 2016 and had the pleasure of meeting Emme Burton. As soon as she said the main character was a “nerd” girl, Dee and I practically squealed. Finally, a book about a girl like us!!! It was an absolute honor and pleasure to meet and chat with Emme about this book, we both picked up the book and agreed this was going to be the first one we dove into once we got back home and settled. Let me just say, I totally fangirled at Emme’s inscription in my book. 


Minnie is a girl after my own heart, a true Star Wars Nerd. She is quirky and simple, and I have to say this is probably the first female character in a book that I could identify with in a long time, you never read about girl nerds. She was just real. And her pups name is Wookie, how could you not love that. So our nerdy girl has not been lucky in love, she always pined for her bestie, but it just seemed to never work out. Now that she lives in the city, she is moving on and making her own life. Living with a guy who she subconsciously knows is not right for her, but the situation just kind of seemed like what she should do, like the next step. I hated her for this, these scenes were uncomfortable. But come on, how many of us have done this to not be alone? Or to not have to really commit when we were young, stupid, or both? (Hiding my face over here, I may have done this). I love that the author hashed out this type of situation in a book, because it seriously happens more than you think. Sorry I digressed, so back to Minnie. She’s chugging along seeming to do just fine when she gets a call from her Dad to come home, because there is a situation she needs to assist with…

Snack seriously sounds like the kind of guy every girl was in love with in high school. Ken doll perfect. But his life was not an easy one, even though people thought it was. This poor guy had a lot of tragedy occur in his life. All of it could have messed him up, but he kept going. And the love story that is wound together after his second tragic event makes you laugh and cry as you watch it unfold.

So we all know this is a love story “26 years in the making”, and once you delve into the book you know it’s about Minnie and Snack. I’m not giving away any spoilers here by telling you this. The surprises in this book are all the details of their love story, so I won’t spoil any of that for you.

I love the twists and turns of how this book is written. Emme did an amazing job of organizing the chapters flipping between past and present. She weaves this beautiful story of how it came to be, together and apart; memories that in the long run eventually connect their lives. This really brought depth into the story and causes you to go thru so many different emotions. I was laughing, gasping, crying, and fanning myself throughout the entire book.

Minnie and Snack’s story is beautiful, it touches your heart, and it gives you hope. Not just hope about relationships, but hope that there’s a reason for all the trials and tribulations. Sometimes it takes patience, sometimes just sheer luck, but it gives you hope that eventually the time will be right, one day everything will work out.


(We spot Cody Smith and Shauna Kruse in the background.) 

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