Cookie Collection

Happy Monday my friends!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Today I don’t have a recipe, but I wanted to share with you something that my company participates in during the holidays. 

During the holiday season we must reflect on all we have and are grateful for, as well as how blessed we are. And in all the blessing we have, it’s also a blessing to be able to share or help those that are in tough times or less fortunate than us. 


So in the spirit of the holidays, one of the wonderful activities that my company organizes is a cookie collection that is later delivered to several hospice facilities in the area. And these facilities distribute the cookies to the families of their patients. These families are going thru a very difficult time, and probably are not thinking of food. And it’s so wonderful that these facilities does so much to assist their patients and families. I know that it felt wonderful to bake these cookies that would go out to hospice. 


So this holiday season, remember that it’s not all about receiving but more importantly about giving. Give to those that are less fortunate, or are alone, or in a difficult situation.


Invite a neighbor that doesn’t have family over to your home for a meal, donate toys to a shelter, bake some cookies for hospice. Do from the heart, because it feels so great, I promise you it really is a wonderful feeling, better than any tangible gift.

Sending love and peace to you all this holiday season!

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