Celebrate 2018!

A lot of people have been sharing on their social media how 2018 has been challenging and hard. I know of a fact, for some this year has been heart breaking. Personally, it was pretty good.

Don’t get me wrong, not everything has been rainbows, and puppies. But I am choosing to talk about the positive. After years of struggle, it feels good to get a decent year. It won’t always be this way, so I am going to Celebrate 2018

Here are some of the things I am grateful for:


  • Nothing happened. It felt like 300 years long. JUST KIDDING!
  • Completed #YWATRUE. A 30 day Yoga challenge by Yoga with Adriene. Felt amazing! And also bought my first Manduka Yoga mat.
  • Celebrated Carol’s Baby Shower.
  • Went to my first Drag Brunch.
  • Won an award at work.


  • Celebrated Jasmine’s baby shower!
  • Watched Layla in her schools version for Legally Blonde. She killed it!
  • Went to Whiskey Fest in Jersey City.


  • Attended IBS Show at Javits Center.
  • Had the first vacation in a long time with my family. We are massive nerds so we went to Disney and Universal studios in Orlando.
  • Went to a sign along for Greatest Showman and Hugh Jackman was there. I lost my shit! 🤣
  • Went to New York Weddings Event.


NY Bridal Market April 2018

  • NY Bridal Market
  • Celebrated my mommy’s birthday!


  • Attended The Makeup Show.
  • Went to Atlantic City to take my nephew to a gamer event.
  • Nephew had his High School Senior Prom.
  • Partied up Diana’s 30th Birthday!
  • Went to BookExpo.


  • BookCon!!!
  • Went to Whisky X in Brooklyn.
  • Nephew graduated High School.
  • Saw Chase Rice in concert and watched from the stage. Bucket list dream accomplished!



  • My niece started Kindergarten!
  • Attended Authors in the City book signing with my biffle, Silvia.


  • My friend Alisha opened her own lash company called Vida Cosmetics.
  • Celebrated Labor Day by taking part of my nieces school float during the towns parade.
  • Attended Books by the Bridge book signing.
  • Watched Mean Girls on Broadway. So fetch!
  • Celebrated JJ’s Birthday at House of ‘Que in Hoboken


  • NY Bridal Market
  • Hoarders After Dark book signing with BT Urruela & Christopher Harlan.
  • Innisfree K-beauty Class
  • GenBeauty NY 2018
  • #TNTNYC18 Book Signing
  • Witches & Wizard Weekend in Chestnut Hill, PA.
  • Went to the Harry Potter: A History of Magic Exhibit at the NY Historical Society.


  • First time in Texas! Went to Dallas for Fresh Fiction Readers & ‘ritas. I was Mika Jolie’s assistant. Had an amazing time!
  • Turned the Big 4-Oh! Took myself on an amazing date. Color Factory > Alex & Ani > Laduree > Serendipity > Gym. Awesome date!
  • Went to an advanced screening of Fantastic Beast Crimes of Grindelwald.
  • Celebrated Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday at Mickey: True Original Exhibit.
  • Thanksgiving with my Family! I love them and so grateful for them.
  • Celebrated my birthday at The Cauldron Magical Experience.


  • TNT Christmas Card Exchange.
  • Hoarders After Dark Christmas Party & Signing.
  • Randomly had brunch at Oscar Wilde.
  • Girls trip with my sister and niece to Disney & Universal. We had an amazing time!
  • Christmas Brunch with some of my favorite people!
  • Secret Santa with Theresa, April, Shaye, Alisha, and Maria.
  • Christmas!!! I hope you had a great one. I sure did with my family. I hated leaving them.
  • Went hiking for the first time in a LONG time with my friend Hannah. Didn’t die, so that was great.

Yup. I’m tired but the good kind of tired. Because, I really did have an awesome year.

Thank you so everyone that was part of my year. You’ve brought joy into my life and I can’t thank you for that. I pray 2019 brings you happiness and good memories.

Raise your glass where ever you are, and cheer to a positive 2019!

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