Vida Cosmetics

Allow me to introduced you to the new kid on the block Vida Cosmetics.

They launched their first product, lashes. And the moment they opened their website, I placed my order! Yes, I paid for my items.

Vida Cosmetics is a Latina owned business. Badass boss woman, Alisha Rodriguez, celebrates the beauty and vibrancy of the Mexican and Hispanic cultures. And as a Latina myself, we have a lot of beauty to celebrate.

Vida Cosmetics 1.png

The brand launched 10 pair of lashes and a lash applicator. They all have super cute and super fun Spanish names. I picked up Bella (beautiful) and Mentirosa (lair).

Vida Cosmetics 2.png


“Bella” is a very realistic false eyelash designed for everyday wear that can easily be turned into an evening affair. With the mink hairs sparsely spread along the lash band, less dramatic than most of the other styles.

  • 3D Premium mink lash
  • Handmade
  • Reusable up tp 30 times with proper care
  • Volume: natural

Vida Cosmetics 3 - Bella.png

Vida Cosmetics 4 - Bella.png


MENTIROSA may look little but let me tell you it sure packs a punch! Do not underestimate this style.

  • Handmade
  • Cruelty free
  • Reusable up to 30 times with proper care

Vida Cosmetics 5 - Mentirosa.png

Vida Cosmetics 6 - Mentirosa.png

Forgive my hot mess of a face. I had just gotten home from the gym when I realized I had not taken pictures with them on. But as you could see, the difference is WOW! Specially while wearing Mentirosa. These are the kind of lashes you wear to make a statement.

They were super easy to put on, and easy to cut to fit your eye. The band is not thick, thank goodness! A thick band is one of the the worst thing a pair of lashes could have. But on the plus side, they look fluffy and fabulous!

Yes, I’m a fan. Congratulations Vida Cosmetics and Alisha on your launch. I wish you a million trillions years of success. And hoping lashes is just the beginning for the brand.

Want to see all their styles? Visit Vida Cosmetics

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