It’s that time of the year again! When my favorite Yogi, Yoga with Adriene, announces her brand new 30 day challenge.

I took part of her TRUE Challenge during January 2018 and it was an incredible journey. I honestly didn’t expect to cry on that very last day, but I did. I couldn’t believe I practiced every single day for a month, but again, I did.

Some days were harder. Some days were a breeze, but what mattered is that you did it and were true to yourself. Because in the end, practicing Yoga is for your body, mind, and soul. Even my grumpy winter/seasonal depression disappeared. And it’s not that I don’t work out. If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know I lift at least 5 times a week. This is just a different. It’s a different kind of feeling. It makes you feel zen and in tune with not just your body, but everything around you.

For 2019, Adriene is introducing #YWADEDICATE.

In her welcome letter, she states that this challenge is designed to strengthen, balance and spiral you back to what feels good. Yeah ok, you don’t need to twist my arm, I’m in! 

She also says to get ready to transform tired energy into useful energy. How many of us need this in the winter? Specially right after the crazy Holidays? I know, I certainly do.

During this practice Adrien also mentions that, among a long list of benefits, you’ll:

  • build muscle 
  • cultivate joint stability 
  • improve body function 
  • increase clarity of mind

So, I am inviting you to join the challenge with me. Dust off your mat, and lets find our center. This practice is free, and you could do it right in the comfort of your home.

To join, first sign up in the Dedicate website (you’ll receive a welcome email once you do). And subscribe to her YouTube channel.

Here’s a video from the main woman, explaining the challenge and how everything started.

I truly hope you join me. If you do, let’s share our progress on instagram and use the hashtag #ywadedicate.

I’ll be sharing my daily thoughts in my stories. Feel free to message me, any time! I randomly reply, but I always make a point to respond to everyone.



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