Book Releases!

This past week was filled with book releases and I wanted to share them with you. If you’re a bookie, fire up your kindle (nook, phone, tablet, whateves), and get ready to one-click.

Here we go!

traces of her by cm radcliff

by CM Radcliff

Dark Romance, Romantic Suspense, Paranormal
Released 1/15/2019

I am a ghost, a captive stripped of my own identity. I’ve lived in solitude in the depths of hell until the devil appeared, pulling me out of the darkness and shoving me into the arms of my new prison. But sometimes a prison becomes a home. And sometimes that home is within the heart of a man.

I have a debt to pay and my brother’s collecting. He makes the messes and I deal with the aftermath. Only this time, he went too far and took something that wasn’t his and now it’s my problem. She’s a liability and the last thing I need. She’s an enigma and she’s everything I need.

Our separate hells brought us together. Our personal inferno molded us into one. The devil reappeared and tore us apart. I will turn this world upside down until I find her.


becks by thia finn

by Thia Finn

A Rockstar Romance Duet, Part II
Rockstar Contemporary Romance
Released 1/15/2019

BLURB: How does your father rule your life from the grave? The Judge, mean bastard that he is, apparently can.

Caught in their father’s embers that still smolder around them, Becks and his brother, Konon, find themselves staring at their fate from behind bars.

Neither of them planned this far ahead as they watched their childhood go up in smoke. Their lack of an escape route could send them to prison as the Judge burns in hell.

Becks’ problems catch up with him while on tour, and he finds himself in a place he hoped to never end up. When Konon finally shows up, another layer of trouble is added to the mix. With the trial looming, what will become of SoBecks? What will become of Becks and Sophie.

Sophie believed her singing career was on fire but had no idea that flames might end her brief run before it takes off. With Becks distancing himself from the band, the responsibility falls on Sophie to keep SoBecks alive. Will their fans accept Sophie as a solo act? She is willing to do whatever it takes but is he?

Can Sophie and Becks’ love keep their dream alive or will it all go up in smoke?


neon summer by linny lawless

by Linny Lawless

Contemporary Romance
Released 1/16/2019

Hazy and hot Spring Break, 1987. It was my first time away from college and my smothering parents. I wanted to break free, just like my girlfriend, Angie, wild and free and knew how to have fun. But I felt I was struck by lightning when that fine-looking guitar player blocks my path. I felt his sexual energy, but he was a total jerk and I didn’t know any heavy metal headbangers back home. He made me weak in the knees and I wanted to show him my wild side.

I knew she was a virgin the moment she walked toward me in that dark hallway at the nightclub. Long, dark, wavy hair, innocent looking, and she was curvy in all the right places. I was more into groupie chicks who liked to party all night after a gig. But there was something about Cindy, other than her innocence. I could sense she was a wild cat, even though she kept it hidden underneath her snob attitude. And I was game to draw the wild cat out.


screw you by renee harless

SCr*w You
by Renee Harless

Contemporary Romance, Enemies to Lovers
Released 1/17/2019

Did you ever send an explicit picture to your significant other?

Well, I sent one to my ex back in college and his best friend Zack found it and showed the entire fraternity. Sure, I should have known better, but I was young, stupid, and in love.

Six years later, I’m bidding on a project for my ex’s company against my nemesis, his best friend. Now, Zack’s trying to make my life a living hell while my ex has me jumping through hoops to land this job. A job that I need regardless of how my body reacts to Zack, but my heart may have a completely different contract in mind.


parrish by janine infante bosco

by Janine Infante Bosco

Mainstream Romance, Motorcycle Club
Released 1/17/2019

It’s not a wicked world that drives a man to sin, it’s a deranged mind. Baptized in dirty water by Satan himself, I’ve spent my whole life fighting the good fight, searching for the light in the darkness of insanity. Now, the light I’ve basked in for so long is finally dimming and the time has come for me to take my final bow before the curtain closes on my sanity.

After making a deal with the district attorney and providing my club with full immunity for the crimes we’ve committed, I have twenty-four hours to remind my wife, Reina, why she fell in love with a bastard like me before I turn myself in and break her heart. But twenty-four hours isn’t enough. Not for me and certainly not for the Devil. Tragedy strikes, and my world implodes.

It’s lights out for Jack and Reina and a man can’t survive without his sunshine. Engulfed in darkness, consumed by the crazy, I’m a weapon of mass destruction, ready to wreak havoc on the wicked world.Word to the wise—proceed with caution, motherfuckers.

The Bulldog is back!


we shouldn't by vi keeland

by Vi Keeland

Contemporary Romance
Released 1/19/2019

Bennett Fox walked into my life on one hell of a crappy Monday morning.

I was late for the first day at my new job—a job I’d now have to compete for even though I’d already worked eight years to earn it, because of an unexpected merger.

While I lugged my belongings up to my new office, a meter maid wrote me a parking summons.

She’d ticketed a long line of cars—except for the Audi parked in front of me, which happened to be the same make and model as mine.

Annoyed, I decided to regift my ticket to the car that had evaded a fine. Chances were, the owner would pay it and be none the wiser.

Except, I accidentally broke the windshield wiper while slipping the ticket onto the car’s window.

Seriously, my day couldn’t get any worse.

Things started to perk up when I ran into a gorgeous man in the elevator. We had one of those brief moments that only happened in movies.

You know the deal…your body lights up, fireworks go off, and the air around you crackles with electricity.

His heated stare left me flushed when I stepped off the elevator.

Maybe things here wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Or so I thought.

Until I walked into my new boss’s office and met my competition.

The gorgeous man from the elevator was now my nemesis. His heated stare wasn’t because of any mutual attraction. It was because he’d seen me vandalize his car. And now he couldn’t wait to annihilate his rival.

There’s a fine line between love and hate—and we shouldn’t cross it.

We shouldn’t—but straddling that line could be so much fun.


And that’s it for this week. If any authors have any releases that you’ll like for me to share, feel free to shoot me an email at with the following:

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If you read any of these, make sure you leave a review for the on Amazon for author. They sure appreciate that. And of course, share your thoughts with me!

Happy Reading! 


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