I call myself a Gym Fashionista. I have way more fun shopping for gym clothes than for regular clothes. Is that weird? I can’t be the only one, right?

I take way too much pride in matching and getting my outfits together. And recently I purged a lot of clothes out. These were pieces that were overly used and beyond repair. Which opened up tons of space in my drawers! #shoppingexcuse

Now don’t get me wrong, I love shopping for my workout threads, BUT I have a spending limit. I can not, for the life of me, pay anything over $40 for leggings, $20 for sports bras, and the cheaper the top the better. Although I want cute clothes, these are items I am going to be sweating and smelling into. I am not looking to spend my pay check at a single store. So my go to stores are Old Navy, TJ Maxx, Marshall, Burlington, JC Penny and Nordstrom on the Rack.

I saw a sports bra from a new “chic” workout line for $150.00 USD. That’s outrageous! No thank you. I could buy two fulk outfits with that amount of money. The only thing I don’t skimp out is on is sneakers. I will pay anything for a good pair.

My instastories is filled with my #gymfashionista outfits but I wanted to share them here with you and tell you were I purchased them.

I do name my outfits… don’t ask.Gym Fashionista 1 - Rock You Like A Horricane


  • TOP: Walmart (yes it was only $5!)
  • SPORTS BRA: Nike (It’s there, I promise)
  • BOTTOMS: Nike
  • SNEAKERS: Nike

Gym Fashionista 2 - Dirty Dancing


  • TOP: Old Navy
  • SPORTS BRA: Reebok (Again you can’t see it)
  • BOTTOMS: Old Navy
  • SNEAKERS: Reebok

Gym Fashionista 3 - Jumanji


  • TOP: Reebok
  • SPORTS BRA: Puma (you could actually see it from the back)
  • BOTTOMS: Old Navy
  • SNEAKERS: Reebok Guresu 1.0

Gym Fashionista 4 - Finally Found The Love Of A Lifetime


  • TOP: Reebook
  • SPORTS BRA: Clavin Klein @ Marshalls (So fancy!)
  • BOTTOMS: Old Navy
  • SNEAKERS: Adidas NMD

Gym Fashionista 5 - Robin Hood


  • TOP: Rainbow Shop
  • SPORTS BRA: Ryka @ Marshall (It’s black, yeah I also my match my sports bras)
  • BOTTOMS: Old Navy
  • SNEAKERS: Adidas NMD

Gym Fashionista 6 - Pretty in Pink


  • TOP: Rainbow Shop
  • SPORTS BRA: Ryka @ Marshall (I like this brand. I have like six)
  • BOTTOMS: RBX @ Marshall (Also have these in like five colors)
  • SNEAKERS: Adidas NMD

There are a lot of Old Navy leggings, and that’s because they are awesome. Not only are they affordable, they offer a lot of different styles, colors, and high quality. You know the company that owns Athleta owns Old Navy (among others)? No way will I shop in Athleta when I get the same quality else were at a fraction of a cost.

So what do we think of the outfits? Thumbs up and down?

Remember we are all in this fitness journey together. You do not need to be a model size to rock bad ass workout clothes. I am not a size zero, and I take pride in the clothes I sweat into. I mean, I am going to end up looking like hell any how, might as well look cute while doing it, right?

What’s your favorite gym clothes line? Remember affordable is the key note here, so share away!

PS. My awesome flower gloves are from Sparkle and Sweat. All the pictures were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S9. It lives under an Otterbox with a unicorn popsocket.

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