Happy Avengers Endgame Day!

Today is the begging of the end; The last Avengers movie opens in theaters.

I am a bit nervous. Emotional. A lot scared. And not sure what to expect. But I will be watching it tonight at 6:00pm EST. When are you watching? Remember #DontSpoilTheEndGame or I will come after you. You’ve been warned.

To celebrate, I assembled some of the Avengers things I’ve worked on in recent years. I hope you enjoy my throwback and tribute to what I consider to be one of the best superheroes franchises ever created. Stan Lee would be proud.

Groot Makeup Inspo

Groot Infinity War 4

MBA Cosmetics Glitters – Modeled by The Avengers

MBA Bling It On 2 - Prismatic

Black Panther – Shuri Makeup Inspo

Lootcrate 2018 February 6

Thor: Ragnarok Makeup Inspo

Thor 2

Fresh Face Makeup – Guest Starting Thor

MYOB Fresh Face 3

There are a tone more things all over the blog, but these are some of my favorites.

Happy Avengers Endgame day! May we get those that we lost back. Enjoy your show.


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