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Hey! How are you? Long time right? I kept asking you to bare with me. That I have a lot to share. And I do! Sometimes life has other plans.

My life had completely changed. Including my 9-5. I have a different schedule, and I don’t even work out at the same time. It’s all been a weird adjustment. Slowly, I’ve gotten used to this new “life”. Yay me!

In the past few weeks I’ve had two situations, I wanted to share with you.

The first, was an interesting interaction on an athletic brand’s instagram. I’ve been following this brand for a long time and finally they seem to have gotten the memo to be inclusive. Congrats. About dang time.

For years all they’ve shown is, to be blunt, tits and ass. And as much as I like the clothes, I can’t bring myself to purchase anything from a brand that I don’t see myself represented. That includes you Victoria Secrets. Bottom line, I spend my money were I want.

So I left a comment saying just that. That I was excited they seemed to be more inclusive and that maybe now I’d support said brand.

If you’ve been in these parts before, then you know I am a gym fashionista. I live for cute gym clothes and outfits.

What followed my comment, was a trail of comical mansplaining. I was made fun of because I stated how I choose to spend my own hard earned money. One, mocked me because I work out 5-6 a week. WAIT! HOLD UP!

So, if I don’t work out, I get called fat and lazy. Yet, I am also wrong if I am healthy and dedicated??? What the ever loving crap is this?! What gives?!

Here’s the outcome of that ridiculous exchange, do you, boo.

There’s always going to be a troll shoving their opinions down your throat. But opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. And you can’t live your life based on asses. That’d be weird.

On the flip side, there are still really kind and positive people left in the world.

As I mentioned, I’ve been working out at a different gym in the mornings (I miss you gym fam! Not you Jimbo 😁).

When I show up it’s early. Coffee really hasn’t kicked in, and to be honest, I don’t want to talk to anyone. There are no fellow lifters at this gym, so I stay to myself.

One day, I was walking into the locker room to shower after my workout. And a lady I have never spoken to, randomly asked me, “How much have you lost?”

It took me a moment to respond because I don’t speak to a soul at this place. If my gym fam is reading this, they are probably gasping in shock and disbelief that I don’t talk to anyone. But its true. I don’t. No one could have told her, since my longest conversation with anyone, has been a simple good morning. How on earth did she know?

I was truly taken back. Yes, I am self-secured and have a good self-esteem. But I don’t ever expect people to pay me any mind. Is that weird? It’s probably weird. Never the less, it is true.

After my response, she replied “I can tell. You are very strong, and lean.” Ok full disclaimer, currently not feeling or looking all that lean, but it was absolutely beautiful to hear.

I felt validated. There I was trying to balance new job responsibilities. Making sure I don’t eat crap. Get my gym in. Family. Friends. Events. Just finding solid footing, when everything around me felt like it was spinning out of control. It was like, the crazy hours and rearranging my life was worth it.

After she left, I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. And told myself, “Heeeey Guuuurl, heeeeeey! You got this!” and hair flip.

To this lady, I’m so sorry that I’m horrible with names, THANK YOU!

So to end this dooohickey, I leave you with two final thoughts. Never ever allow anyone to under value your beliefs and what you stand for.

And remember Dory’s famous words, “Just Keep Swimming”. As long as you are being healthy and working on your nutrition, who cares what shrimps think. Always be a mermaid (or a merman, or merperson. I don’t judge).

How are you? What have you been up to this summer?

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