Lootcrate February 2018

Since my Lootcrate boxes kept arriving after the month, I skipped the January box. And what do you know, the February 2018 arrived a few weeks ago. HURRAY! But you know I was busy and just got around to unboxing it.

The theme for February 2018 is PROTECT.

Is that a Kaiju invasion? Or perhaps an alien attack? No matter what enemy approaches, it’s up to you to defend what’s yours and shield others from danger all costs. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. These brave heroes are here to help hold you to what matter most. Never let go of what you must… PROTECT.

So let’s get to it!

Lootcrate 2018 February 1

I forgot to take a single picture of this moths’ pin. Which is such a shame because it’s Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon. And it’s SO CUTE! I ALSO forgot to take a picture of the Fallout 4 Art Print. Again, it’s such a shame because pretty darn cool.

They are however part of the instagram unboxing I will be sharing later on this week. So make sure you check it on over. But for now, let me show you the rest of the box.

Lootcrate 2018 February 5


Channel the strength of the king and protector of Wakanda in this stylish tee. Based on the comic book version of Black Panther, this design was created exclusively for Lootcrate.

I look so serious! HAHAHA! I was trying to channel the Black Panther poster.

Lootcrate 2018 February 2


Like Officer Jim Holden and the rest of his crew, make your escape with this exclusive replica from the Recinate (aka the “Roci”) from The Expanse. This is the first licensed collectible replica from the series, the ship was designed using actual CG models from the show – another awesome first!

Lootcrate 2018 February 3


This set of four faux-leather coasters features the logo of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps, the creators of the Jaegers. So grab your best co-pilot, suit up and raise your glass to a gigantic world-saving mechs.

Lootcrate 2018 February 7

One of my favorite features of the Lootrate boxes, is that the box itself is part of the fun. This time around, if you flipped the box inside out, it turned into a safe.

My favorite item from February’s box is obviously the Black Panther shirt. I didn’t take it off for two days straight. Sue me!

Do you subscribe to Lootcrate? Which one was your favorite item?

The theme for March 2018 is Playback. As spoiler/tease, it should contain items from Back to the Future, Sonic the Hedgehog, Dungeons & Dragon, and The Simpsons.

Don’t want to miss out, sign up today!

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