Meal Prep|Sweet Bourbon Glaze Chicken

I’ve mentioned The Roost Deli before. It’s a great place in Bushkill Falls, in the Pocono Mountains. They sell some of the best glazes and BBQ sauces around.

My favorite it’s their Sweet Bourbon Glaze. So I used it in my meal prep this week.

Sweet Bourbon Glaze Chicken 3

What I used:

  • Chicken Thighs with skin
  • Half a Bottle of Sweet Bourbon Glaze
  • Seasoning: Sea Salt & Adobo
  • Spinach
  • Carrots

I left the chicken in the seasoning, and glaze, for about an hour. It would have been better if I had done that over night. But since I never plan my meals for the week until Sunday morning, I didn’t get the chance.

Heated the oven to 350F, preheated, I put in the chicken. I cooked face up for 20 mins. Then I flipped them over for another 20, and once again face up for another 10 mins. The glazed cooked into the skin and caramelized the skin. Death to deliciousness!

For my side, I tossed around spinach and carrots in a pan over the left over juice from the chicken. Yeah it’s pretty darn good!

Sweet Bourbon Glaze Chicken 2

In five containers I placed a cup of the spinach and carrots mix, and one chicken thigh. Yup this is going to be an amazing lunch!

Sweet Bourbon Glaze Chicken 1

Obviously this is just the lunch portion of my meal prep. Since I have a crazy schedule, I also meal prep my breakfast and dinner for the entire week. I also balance out my snacks.

Also don’t forget to include your aminos during your workout. And protein after you’re done with your work out.

Did you meal prep or just cook for the entire week on Sundays? Share with me!


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