IMATS Pre-Party

This year I skipped IMATS, but I did attend @beautybyjulia’s pre-party. Thank you so much for inviting me Julia!

There was an amazing turn out and I was able to see my beauty family. But I don’t know how more people didn’t attend. This event was worth the $30USD and then some. Let’s break it out down for those of you that did not attend.

Before we get started, let’s take a moment to gush about how beautiful the venue was, Sweet Spot in Astoria, Queens.

IMATS Pre-Party (7)

Meeting Fellow Beauty Lovers. Over the years, I’ve met some truly remarkable and supportive people at events just like this. And creating contacts is part of the industry. Spending time with them, just makes me so damn happy. And getting blinded by their highlight, is a dang delight.

IMATS Pre-Party (8)

Open Bar. Need I say more? There was also a delicious signature cocktail made for the night and the champagne flutes were sprayed with gold glitter.

IMATS Pre-Party (18)

Food. Again no need to add anything else here. It’s food, just give it to me. But those wontons were insane.

IMATS Pre-Party (9)

Dessert. Delicious cupcakes from Sweetly Chique. The caramel ones were what dreams are made of. I wish I was exaggerating, but I am not.

IMATS Pre-Party (17)

Meeting Brands. Ok so the weather was horrific and a lot of the brands could not make it due to canceled flights. But we did have NOTE Cosmetics and Royal & Langnickel in the house.

IMATS Pre-Party (19)

Awesome Swag Bag. This bag alone was worth the $30. Look at all the super cute things in it! I finally got the Double Dare Spa OMG! headband. So excited!

IMATS Pre-Party Goodie Bag 1

  • NOTE Cosmetics
  • Mai Couture
  • Double Dare Spa
  • Gerard Cosmetics
  • Doucce
  • CoverFX
  • Cailyn
  • h2o+
  • Catrice
  • OGX
  • Swirl + Sparkle

I am keeping my fingers crossed that Julia does this again next year. It really was a lot of fun!

I know Julia is truly grateful for everyone that attended, and she hoped everyone had a good time.

IMATS Pre-Party (1)IMATS Pre-Party (2)IMATS Pre-Party (3)

If anyone wants the individual images, feel free to email me at or send me a private message on instagram.



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  1. Kieu says:

    wow this looks amazing!

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