Weekly Roundup

Happy Sunday Funday, and first day of November! Did you set your clocks back an hour for daylight savings?

Today is Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). In the United States, is that day better known as the day that inspired Skull Candy Makeup. Earlier, I shared the meaning and history of this Mexican holiday over at our Instagram. So before you break out into your Skull Candy art, learn why, and where it originated from:

A lot went on in neck of the wood this past Halloween week, and in case you missed anything here’s a recap:



There was also a lot of Halloween Makeup that went on over at Instagram. Take a look:

Before I let you go enjoy your Sunday, please help me accomplish my birthday wish of raising $400 USD for Charity: Water? Click the image below for more information:

Chairty Water Bday Wish

Happy Sunday!

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