Halloween Weddings

This year, Halloween falls on a Saturday. You just know, there’s going to be weddings all over the place. To me, the opportunity of having a Halloween Wedding, is not to make it ghoulsome, or black. It’s the opportunity of having a seriously fantastical themed wedding.

My issue with Halloween themed weddings is that a lot are tacky and exactly what you would expect. So I am going to give you my top three wedding themes that would leave your guests talking for years to come.




That last Superhero Wedding touched my heart. I love it! Click here to check out this awesome wedding from Alex + James. Make sure you view the video at the bottom.

Could you imagine walking in seeing all your guest in costumes to fit your theme? It would be brilliant.

But if your a traditionalist, here’s some non-tacky Halloween Theme wedding ideas.

Have you ever been to a Halloween or Theme wedding? I have and I’ll be sharing a couple of pictures with you on our Instagram. But we want to hear your stories too! Sound off below or use the hashtag #nerdandlace on social media to share.

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