OG Products at The Makeup Show

As I walked around The Makeup Show NYC, I kept running into some of my OG beauty products. Some of these I use every day, and I would be lost without. So I wanted to share them with you.


Parian Spirit. I use this every single day. After doing my makeup, I quickly clean my brush with this. Keeps them fresh and clean in between deep cleaning, and it smells AMAZING! But it doesn’t only clean brushes. According to the powers that be at Parian Spirit, you could clean virtually anything with it; kitchen, bathroom, your car… the possibilities are endless.

At The Makeup Show is the best place to stock up since you get the best price. BUT you could also purchase it off Amazon. It’s inexpensive and environmentally friendly. This is my OG brush cleaner, and highly recommend it!

Makeup Show 4 - Parian Spirit


Mario Badescu Rose Water. Another product I use daily. I actually keep a small travel size bottle in my purse. It comes with me everywhere. I use it every morning while applying my makeup. In particularly for wetting my sponge before blending out my concealer. It’s also great on hot days. Spray it on and instant cool down. I took it to Florida with me, you could read all about that in my Vacation Skin Care blog.

You could find Mario Badescu easily at an Ulta near you. Also, super affordable.

Makeup Show 3 - Mario Badescu


Embryolisse. Since my very first makeup class eons ago, this was the one primer/moisturizer 99.9% of all pro-makeup artists have recommend. So I always have one at hand. I use it on days after I’ve been exposed to the sun for long periods of time. And in particularly, the time of the year when the weather changes and my skin freaks the out. When someone asks me to do their makeup, this is the primer I pull out. Why? Because it’s generally good on ALL skin types.

Some versions could be pricey, but it lasts forever. You could find it at The Makeup Show of course, online at Amazon, and in-store at Ricky’s NYC. This product is also paraben-free and not tested on animals.

Makeup Show 2 Embryolisse


Ardell Lashes. Could I get an amen for their Wispies? They really are the BEST lashes. Listen, I have a drawer filled with falsies from all type of brands. And I always reach for Ardell. I love their super thin bands. How flexible they are. Super easy to cut, and put on. They give you the wow effect you want, BUT it looks natural. Nothing wrong with some of those mega lashes. But I don’t know about you, I want people to notice me, or the person I put on makeup. Not have someone say, “Daaaaang girl, those lashes are massive.” Not at all what I am going for. I want you to look all together flawless and like the mighty queen you are.

Beyonce Slay.gif

The best thing is their price, and you could virtually find them EVERYWHERE. Seriously, I’ve even seen them at the dollar store. So if you want a great and inexpensive pair of lashes, look no further.

Makeup Show 1 - Ardell Lashes

Now it’s your turn to share your OG products with me. What products you can’t live without?

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