Vacation Skin Care

How are you? I took a week off to get myself together after vacation. I have a massive Orlando Them Parks hang over. I need sleep. Lots of sleep. Which I haven’t gotten. Woe is me!

While on my Disney World and Universal vacation, I did not wear an ounce of makeup. Congratulations to anyone that could have a beat face while at the parks but my oily mess of a skin would have hated every moment of it. So I opted for going bare face. Which meant I really had to pay special attention to my skin. It was about 80+ degrees every day, and sunny.

I made sure I did my daily routine:



Then throughout the day I use three products to keep my skin protected from the sun and fresh. Because, let me tell you, your face takes a beating in that sun when you are at the parks. All. Day.


It’s hot, and you’re probably sweaty. Nothing refreshes your complexion faster than facial spray. My OG is Mario Badescu. So I made sure I had some with me. It instantly cools you down and smells amazing!


As much as I love the sun, and how important vitamin D is, your face could take a beating. So throughout the day I made sure I reapplied my Tarteguard by Tarte.


It always surprises me how many people forget to protect their lips when they are out in the sun. A sun burn on the lips is painful, trust me been there done that. So I ALWAYS carry a lipbalm with SPF. One of my favorites is ChapStick but the Cherry one which I had finished. So I picked up the moisture one.

I also gave myself a hydrating mask every two days. Even while taking extra care of my skin, it was so thirsty, it dried out the sheet masks. It really needed the extra TLC.

Hope this inspires you to take care of your skin period. But specially from the sun.

I leave you with a picture of my babies (niece & nephew) and I at Universal. Yup! We were all Harry Potter out.

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