Lessons From The Pros to the New Pros

This past weekend, I attend my favorite beauty trade show, The Makeup Show NYC. Little ole me was surrounded by THE best pro-makeup artists in the world. I had an incredible time!

Unlike other shows, this one is cratered to the working artists. It’s not only their time to shop for their kits, artists can expand their education. Because if one thing The Makeup Show is about, is encouraging pros to further their skills. The more you know, the more experience and opportunities that can come their way. So they have tons of classes, workshops, and certifications available.

So, I made sure I attended at least a keynote and a class: Jordan Liberty Keynote and KJ Bennett’s In My Kit. And here are a few things from each I wanted to share with you.

Image & Influence

It was an informal Q&A. The kind of setting where you were able get to know him a bit aside from what you see on the gram. He talked about how he got started in the business. AND gave a lot of advice. Here’s some that stood out:

  • As a pro, you need to have an online presence. And that kind of presence should state the kind of artist you are.
  • Think of your social media (instagram) as your portfolio. It’s the first thing companies look up.
  • Do keep your professional and personal social medias separate.
  • When it comes to sharing your work on social media, less is more. With the new algorithm, allow that picture to circulate a few times before sharing more.
  • If you are looking to assist someone, a well put email is more valuable than a private message on social media. Things to remember when contacting for assisting positions:
    • Reach out to artists that reflect your experience. Its less likely to have an FX artist reach back to someone that does mainly bridal.
    • Introduce yourself. One sentence is not appropriate. Say who you are, what experience you have. Include images of your work, or portfolio.
    • Live in the same country as said artist. If you don’t, this is an acceptable sample, “I live in Paris, but I will be in New York City from July 1-20, 2018. Should you need any assistance, during this time, I would love to be able to work at your side.”
    • Do show up. Regardless if you’re being paid or not, it’s unprofessional. And more likely than not, you will not be contacted again. Word of mouth is still a powerful thing, and the pro community, is still very small.
    • Reach out when you actually have the time. If you are only available on the weekends, it’s more than ok to let the artist know ahead of time.

In My Kit

If you haven’t taken any class with KJ Bennett, you are missing out! He is a wealth of knowledge and information.

In his “In My Kit” class he goes over his must have items. Could we discuss how his kit is the size of a messenger bag? It’s so tiny! But he has everything that he needs inside.

  • Hygiene is everything! From your makeup, to brushes, your hands; everything needs to be clean and sanitized.
  • Invest in a all matte neutral pro-palette. He carries around the Viseart shadow palettes. He swears by them, and to be honest, they are amazing.
  • If you are working on set, start with the eyes first. It’s easier to toss in a powder foundation on set, than to finish eyes.
  • Before doing the eyes, apply the mascara. It helps guide how the eye makeup will end up looking.
  • Use gray scale wax paper to mix. It’s faster and easier clean up.
  • Don’t forget to apply lip balm while you skin prep. Lips need just as much love as the skin.

And that’s all I am giving you. If you want more tips, you’ll just need take their master classes. They are 100% worth it!

Attending The Makeup Show NYC, always gives me a new purpose and inspires me. You learn so much. And you want to continue learning and evolving. And grab every face and cover it in makeup #justsaying.

Have you ever taken a class with KJ or Jordan? Share your experience!

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