ELF Active

There are some days you don’t want to look like hell at the gym. But wearing makeup seems like a silly idea. I mean you are going to sweat it out anyway. Granted that has never stopped me from l wearing said makeup. Sue me, I don’t want to scare people. Plus it makes me feel pretty. So if I feel pretty, I feel good about myself. And if I feel good about myself, I have the confidence to crush my work out.

So when beauty brands create products for the girly-gym-rats of the world, it makes me jump for joy! Which is why I flipped out (in a good way) when ELF Cosmetics released their Active collection.

These eight products were designed to be sweat-resistant, hydrating, lightweight, and that won’t clog pores. So I put them to the test on a particular sweaty back and chest day.

Full disclosure, I did not purchase these items. My ever incredible friend Carol Lago sent her duplicates my way and I couldn’t be more grateful. She knew I’ve been dying to try them. THANK YOU HOT MAMA!

I went in on these products without a single once of merci. If you are going to create something for the fitfam, you better present a products worth being part of my gym life. Other than that, why bother?

Here’s the order I used them:

ELF Active 1

ELF Active 8

Workout Ready Hydration Stick
$8.00 USD

I put the hydration stick on my face before leaving for the gym over my moisturizer. I was a little worried about this one. I have an oily complexion and this is infused with shae butter. But to my surprise it didn’t feel heavy on my skin. It went on smoothly and I didn’t feel I had anything on. I just looked fresh and not like a garbage can.

ELF Active 2

ELF Active 10

Workout Ready Lip & Cheek Palette
$8.00 USD

I used this on my lips and cheeks just to give myself some color. I thought this was going to be a creamy mess, but you know what it stayed put. It’s not super pigmented. It just gave me a natural flush.

ELF Active 3

ELF Active 11

Sweat Resistant Mascara & Brow Duo
$6.00 USD

Truth, I did fill in my brows a bit with my MYOB Cosmetic Precision Brow Pencil and I topped it off with this brow gel, and they did stayed pretty put. Nothing to complain about. The mascaras gave a little volume and stayed pretty in place. I didn’t smudge or anything along those lines. I now keep this in my gym bag.

ELF Active 4

ELF Active 9

Post-Workout Cleansing Body Wipes

These smell so good and are so refreshing. I mean all the ELF wipes smell and feel great on your skin. These are currently in my gym bag and I will continue to buy them.

ELF Active 5

ELF Active 7

Post-Workout Cool Down Mist
$8.00 USD

Not only does it smell incredible, this gave me an instant cool down. I mean really cooled me down. So much, that my face was frozen by the time I arrived home. It was a cold night after all. But I mean it works great. It really cools you off. This also is now part of my gym bag,

So there you have it. I really like the line. And it’s SO inexpensive. My favorite items are the wipes and the cooling spray. I use them daily after my work out. Yes, I may look like a hot mess leaving the gym but I am fresh!

If you are a gym gal like myself, I say try this for a little boost.

Which item would you like to try?

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  1. These look great for wearing to work and then straight to the gym afterwards!

    1. Nerd & Lace says:

      Absolutely. You could wear this to work and them gym it

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