Galentine’s Makeup

Galentine’s Day is February 13th! Its a day where ladies celebrate ladies. This is the day where you celebrate with your ride or die. You’re biffle(s). You’re bestie(s).

Galentine 1

These are the women that have seen you at your worst. They know all your secrets. Know who is your boyfriend, but he doesn’t know it. And the one(s) that will always have your back no matter what. These women should be celebrated, because, who else could put up with you?

Galentine 7

So on this day, step out of your sweat pants, put your face on, and look good for yourself and your squad. They too deserve to see you at your best.

So here is my ode to my OGs, Danessa and Silvia.


Galentine 5


Galentine 9


Galentine 2

Galentine’s was created by the show Parks & Recreation in 2010; S02E16. This “holiday”, like Seinfeld’s Festivus, have transcended from TV to every day culture. And I love every second of it.

Galentine 3

I personally don’t know a better way to say to your girls, “Thank you for the ugly cry.” Or “Thanks for holding my hair while I had a date with the toilet.” Even better, “Thank you for always being there. I couldn’t make it without you.”

Galentine 8

So remember on February 13th, let your sistah from another mister, that you’ll be in a glass case of emotion without them.

Now, let’s share something fun. Tell me a funny story that happened with your girls?

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