Holiday Party Makeup

After days of having a horrible cold, I got dolled up, and forced myself to head to the office’s Holiday Party. Last year I missed it because I was also really sick, and I wasn’t planning on missing it this year even if I was dead.

I bought a gold sequin dress, and I decided to go with a simple smokey eyed look. I shared a similar look before, check it right here. But I used different products this time. So I’ll share them with you down below.

Holiday Party Makeup 1


Holiday Party Makeup 5


Holiday Party Makeup 3


Of course before getting my face on, I did spend the day giving my skin some love. Being sick takes a toll in your complexion. So I gave myself a microderm scrub, followed by a hydrating face mask, and then lathered on some collagen serum. I let the serum fully soak in before applying a generous layer of eye cream, and moisturizer.

Since my eyes have been watery, I was really worried that my eyes where going to look at mess at the end of the night. BUT it didn’t happen. Thank you lord!

Are you going to a Holiday Party? What are you planning on wearing? What kind of make up are you planning? Can’t wait to see you all dolled up!

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  1. Everything looks so clean and organized. What a nice post 😘

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