Holiday Nails

I am horrible when it comes to nails designs. Sure I could do the simple things. But designs, lord no, I am horrible at them. So thank goodness for nail strips. They are fast and a lot of them look great.

As I was looking through my nail drawer, trying to figure out what I wanted to do for my companies Holiday Party, I found these KISS Nail Strips on the back of my drawer.

Holiday Party Nails 1

Holiday Party Nails 2

I picked these up a while back at the Dollar Tree. I know! Out of all places. But that store has some pretty awesome finds if you take time to look.

Any how, it was super easy. Super simple, and it took a total of 10 minutes. All you need is and emery board, which is included. And a nail cutter.

Holiday Party Nails 3

This one included 40 strips with several sizes. All you do is pick your nail size, and apply to your nail.

SIDE NOTE: Before applying make sure you clean off your nails of any oils and lotions. I used pure acetone to whipe mines clean.

Holiday Party Nails 4

After that is pretty self explanatory, cut to nail length and file down. And that’s pretty much it!

Holiday Party Nails 5

I did add a coat of clear polish on top to look protect the jewels. And did take a shower after, and washed my hair. They didn’t move at all. But to be on the safe side, I did use my blow dryer on them after my shower.

Holiday Party Nails 6

It’s been twenty-four hours since I put them on and I still have them on. According to the packaging, they should last about a week. But I mean, I’ll be happy if I get a few days out of them.

UPDATE: I literally took the picture above before hitting publish on this blog. I still have all the wraps on. Some of the edges have now lifted but they still look pretty good. And this is after cleaning, dishes, moping, gym, countless showers, and honestly not being at all too careful. I’m a fan!

Have you tried the KISS Nail Strips? Share them with me. Would love to see them. If not, what is your favorite nail strips brand (if any)?

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