Lootcrate November 2017

So… my November 2017 Lootcrate arrived on December 3rd. Thanks Lootcrate for being so damn slow with your shipping. It’s not like I haven’t been a faithful paying member for over two years or anything. Please by all means, take your dang time delivering my future boxes… If I wasn’t clear, that was pure sarcasm.

And while I am a month late, I still wanted to share it with you because it’s a pretty good box. November’s theme was Unite 2.0.

We can accomplish a lot on our own but sometimes… sometimes a challenge is too big to tackle solo. When we stand together, we’re unstoppable. It’s time to take teamwork to the next level.

As annoyed as I still am for the delivery delayed, I love this theme! Let’s take a look.

Lootcrate November 2017 (1)

  • Voltron – Legendary Defender 8-Bit T-Shirt
  • Overwatch Widowmaker Variant POP!
  • Justice League Unlimited – The Brave and The Bold #28
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Mini-Figure
  • This Month’s Pin: An excellent group pose in a must for an super-squad. Designed by artist Gabriel Silveira.
  • This Month’s Box: Power Ranger Command Center

Lootcrate November 2017 (3)

All of this for $21.00 USD a month. And to be honest, it’s an incredible gift for the nerds in your life. They have so many different boxes now that it’s overwhelming which one to pick. From pets to sports. From gaming boxes to anime. They really have it all for you. Check it out!

Lootcrate November 2017 (4)

I think I may do a few Harry Potter boxes because why not! And they are currently having  20% OFF All Subscriptions! Use Code: HOLIDAY20.

Lootcrate November 2017 (2)

Want to subscribe? Click here!

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