Gym Equipment Haul

Leg day. Yes I went there. The “dreaded” leg day. I mean I LOVE leg day so much, I do it twice a week. It’s pretty normal in my world, but I know you’ll probably think I am CRAZY!

There are times that your gym doesn’t have everything you need, or if they do usually two things get in your way of using equipment. #1. Someone is already using it. #2. Some idiot steals it. And I am left to beg to use Jim’s things. Sure he gives me a hard time, because it’s Jim. But what if a meteorite falls on him on the way? Or aliens abduct him? Where will that leave me? Lost! That’s where I will be LOST!

So I made a decision, to take my over dramatic self, off to Amazon and get me some leg day essentials. My criterias were: cute, functional, and inexpensive.

This is what I picked up:

Gym Equipment Haul 1

$11.97 USD
Available in Black and Pink

I use this for Cable Kickbacks. Which is a great glute exercise. But that’s one of the many things you could use it for.

PRODUCT REVIEW: I like it. It’s pretty solid. Comfortable around the ankle, and I will not complain over the price. We’ll see how long this lasts.

Gym Equipment Haul 2

$12.99 USD
Available in Light Blue, Red, and Sky Blue

This one if pretty self explanatory. I use them while squatting, hip thrust, hang cleans, and a billion things more. I wouldn’t recommend using these when doing the bench press. You shouldn’t clamp when pressing heavy weights over your chest, or on a Smith Machine. It’s unnecessary.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Out of the three items, this is my favorite. They are easy to put on and take off. And I am SO happy I bought these. Finding working clips at my gym is as likely as discovering Narnia.

Gym Equipment Haul 3

$12.99 USD
Available in The Blue Collection and The Purple & Pink Collection

I use these for warm ups, and squats to name a few. Having resistance bands is almost a requirement. You could bump up your workout by simply adding resistance bands to it. I don’t know how I lived without my own set this entire time.

PRODUCT REVIEW: I like them, but I don’t love them. They are not as strong as I would like. The extra-heavy band equals to an average heavy. But I can’t complain. They did meet my criteria. I almost bought The Purple & Pink Collection just to see the look of disappointment from my gym fam… Oh, I may still order it! MUAHAHAHA!

And that’s all for now folks. You really don’t need to spend a small fortune to get some gym equipment. I am not saying it’s the best quality out there. But for now, they are helping my leg/booty day routine.

I still need a few more items to purchase. Like I need to replace my lifting gloves. If you have any suggestions, sound off below.


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