#FitFriday | Shoulders 101

Happy #FitFriday!

We have now shared Biceps and Triceps 101. So today it seemed fitting to work in some shoulders.

For anyone that may not know, the shoulders are the upper joint of the human arm and the part of the body between this and the neck. These muscles become useful for when you want to one trip all your groceries from the car into the house.


Jim gave us four different moves to get you started on your shoulders.

Let’s recap:

  • Smith Machine Shoulder Press
  • Arnold Press
  • Lateral Raises
  • Rear Delt Flies

You could do three set of 10 repetitions of each of these moves to get you started.

Make sure you pay close attention to Jim’s Tip of the Week, and take care of your body. I am prime example. I get so into the work out, that there are times that I don’t give myself enough time to properly stretch. As result, my left knee has been suffering. It’s been extremely painful and set myself back a week. That’s the last thing you want to do to yourself.

Not to worry, I will get back to normal but in the mean time I am staying off my legs. Do you how torturous it is for me to skip kickboxing or doing legs for a full week!? IT’S HORRIBLE! 

Instead, this week, I’ve been working on my upper body, which in truth, I need to dedicate more time to it. I’ve gotten my cardio in but lord how do y’all do it on the machines? It’s bloody boring. I’ve also been stretching, foam rolling, and thank goodness Jim stretched me in a hurts-so-good kind of way. He stretched me a few times, and if it wasn’t for his help,  I’ll still be limping and whining. And no one wants an annoying Dee.

So please make sure you stretch, foam roll, and everyone once in a while, treat yourself to a massage. You’ll thank us later.


Jim and I have completely different taste in gym music. In general, I have and eclectic taste, Country Music is my favorite. But for the gym, dance is what usually pumps me up to keep going. Him? Not so much…

Dee’s Pick
Jim’s Pick

What do you listen to at the gym?

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