DIRTY by Scott Hildreth


By Scott Hildreth

LEX – The victim of a human trafficking ring, I was confined to a tiny bedroom with seven other women. The conditions were horrific. They’d taken my freedom, my clothes, and, eventually, what little hope I clung to. Then, one night, we heard gunshots. Prepared for the worst, I stood with my eyes fixed on the door, ready to meet my fate.

And then, he opened the door.

He saved me from the monsters. Then, he simply walked away.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that one day I would save him from his.

CHOLO – My focus was the Motorcycle Club, boxing, and work. I’d never been on a date. I guess it goes without saying that I’d never been in love, either. I had my share of sex, but my relationships always ended when the night was over. That all changed after I rescued her.

I wasn’t trying to be a hero, but she saw me as one. She said I saved her from the monsters.

Want to know the truth?

She saved me from mine.

DIRTY is a stand-alone romance novel, and is a Biker MC Romance with no cheating, no sex outside the relationship, and no cliff hanger. It has an HEA, and is Book III of the Biker MC Romance series. Although no other book is required to tell this tale, it is recommended that you read HARD and ROUGH to fully understand the ancillary characters. Due to the content of this book, please be over 18 to read it.

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Scott Hildreth is back with his third installment to his Biker MC Romance! Who’s excited?!


 Just as an FYI, due to Amazon guidelines, Scott had to change his book series title from Filthy F*ckers to Biker MC Romance. So if you’ve read HARD and ROUGH, DIRTY is the third book in the series. Everyone on the same page? Awesome! Let’s get this party started.

Usually I start my reviews discussing the female and male leads. In this case Cholo and Lex. Not today.

The first four chapters of this book, had tears streaming down my face. The detail and horrifying details of the hell Lexi experienced was unimaginable. The way that Mr. Hildreth writes, it transports you to that room and place. You see it. You smell it. You live the moment. The emotions hit you in ways you can’t possibly imagine a book draw out of you.

When all hope is lost, here comes a Prince in a Harley and saves the day with his stampede of chrome and leather.

So you would think that’s it, the story is over in the first 4 chapters? Why? It’s just getting started. The book is not just about an awful situation, but how to rebuild yourself. How to over come the awful of the world and finding happiness again.

Along the way we meet a few new characters. Scott has a way of writing secondary or even background ones that literally make you want to go:

Wait a minute, who are you?

Where did you come from?

Why don’t I know more about you?

Wait, were are you going?

You can’t just leave like that.

Come back here this instant! 

DAMN YOU SCOTT! You better write about said character! I demand it!

My top two are Maria, Cholo’s mom. And Smokey, one of the FFMC brothers.

Maria is life. She’s honest, to a fault. I would have LOVE to have a book where Bradley, Pee Bee’s dad from ROUGH, and Maria go out drinking. Who’s with me!?

Smokey is just a bad ass mother effer that earned his name because he smokes more than a chimney. In Alaska. In subzero weather.

But let’s get back to the two people this book is about, Lex and Cholo.

In her short life, Lex has lived more than most people will ever experience. Her spirit could have been broken and no one would have blamed her for giving up. But did she toss her hands up? No, she fought with tooth and nails.

Cholo is that perfect combination of a guy, every girl dreams off, bad boy with a heart. A criminal, but you know, perfect. He works hard, loves his mother, motorcycle, and MC. And then in walks this girl that makes him feel like he’s looking at the Grand Canyon.

Ok, I’ll stop yapping before this review turns into 2,000 words. It’s been known to happen.

I give this book a 5 Nerd Glasses out of 5. It’s without a doubt a must read. Make sure you check out my review for the previous two books RIGHT HERE.


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