Introducing Wella EIMI Collection

Happy Fri-yay Nerds!

A couple of weeks ago we attended Ricky’s NYC Beauty Crawl. It was a blast and we can’t thank Ricky’s enough for doing this for us. We went to three different Ricky’s locations, and at each of them, we learned about a different brand.

At our last stop there was a Wella Dry-Bar. Did you guys know that don’t just do professional hair color? No silly! They have an entire line of styling products that can help you accomplish basically any look. And today we are going to give you three looks we created with the products we received.


Before we get to that, let us tell you about Wella:

For over 130 years, Wella has been delivering innovations and services that enable hairdressers’ creativity. The company’s story begins in 19th century Germany, with the vision and passion of one hairdresser, Franz Stroher… Check out their time line

One of the many things I love about this brand is their commitment to the Beyond Beauty initiative.

At Wella we believe in the beauty of everyday commitment – the little things that, over time, can have a big impact – both in the salon and outside. For this reason, we launched, Wella’s sustainability program to partner with those who inspire us every day – all of you – and, together, challenge the way we think about our impact on the planet… read on

And we fully support companies that care about the environment. Without further ado, here are our looks.


She took us back-way back to the 90’s. Remember messy buns? You know, the ones where you gave yourself a big ole bun on the top of your head, carefully placed to look messy? Remember all the gel and Aqua Net we used to used to create that look? Well she created it for you with just a couple of Wella and RickyCare products.

What she used:

She started by spraying her already curly hair with the Wella Sugar Lift. She then tied it into a ponytail high on here head, smoothing out all the areas of her hair before tying. Remember in the 90’s it was all about a sleek back. Then she started securing random pieces of hair around her head with the bobby pins and ending up with a big bun. She finished the look with a coat of Wella Stay Firm.


What do you guys think? Just like back in the day but no crazy amount of gel and hair spray needed. You’re welcome. Now you can rock a 90’s look without destroying your hair.


Although it’s officially Fall, Glory loves herself some beach waves. And I’m ok with this. Forever summer. Beach girls for life.

What she used:

With wet hair, she sprayed the Sugar Lift all over the head. Then using a Wet Brush, she paddle dried her hair, not neatly. All she wanted was her hair to be dry before grabbing her curling iron and doing loose curls all over her head. After she was done, she sprayed some more Sugar Lift, and scrunched up pieces of her hair.


Pretty, right? She says if you have thin hair Wella’s Sugar Lift is a must have, especially if you want to get sexy loose beach waves.


As you guys may have heard me say before, I have crazy wild mermaid hair. It’s unruly and it rarely chooses to behave. For IpsyOS Creator Day, I needed a super cute hairstyle that kept this crazy thing growing out of my head, off my face. So taking the ponytail style I learned at the event, I gave it a go.

First thing I did was blow out my hair with a massive brush, and straightening it as smooth as possible. I knew this kind of ponytail needed volume so I sprayed Wella Dry Me on the roots. I don’t know what it is, but dry shampoo just gives you instant great volume. Then I parted my hair into top and bottom ponytails. Once the bottom part was secured with the elastic, I split the top part into three sections, and with the comb, I started teasing each section, and spraying hair Wella Stay Firm to hold the tease. Flipping the hair back, I smoothed out the top with the comb and a coat of hairspray. And finally securing the top ponytail it to the first ponytail making it look like one big ponytail.


This style kept me looking chic and accomplished of keeping my hair out of my face through the entire day.

All three styles are easy to accomplish before heading to work, and we promise you’ll look totes cute!

So you see Nerds, Wella is not just hair color. They have an entire collection of styling products waiting for you to give them a try. Their EIMI line has products for:

  • Volume
  • Smoothing
  • Texture
  • Shine
  • Fixing Hairsprays

You could purchase these Wella lines at Ricky’s NYC and at Ulta. And if you’ve tried any of their products, tag us! We’d love to see your hair styles.



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