IpsyOS Creator Day

Ok so we promised to make a vlog about this but I am so tired I can’t even think straight. Seriously I didn’t hear the alarm yesterday morning, whoops! Thank goodness for my internal alarm.

However, we still wanted to share the day with you. We were a few of the lucky 200 that made it into IpsyOS Creator Day. Most people wanted to go to the Cocktail Party, we didn’t. We wanted to attend this event.


Don’t get me wrong a good party is always welcomed. BUT we want to learn. We want to grow. We want to evolve in this crazy blogging world we live in. And to us, it was a huge honor to attend the very first IpsyOS Creator Day. We are keeping our fingers cross that they’ll be more to follow.


We had two great planels. Listening to all the advice from people that made something out of nothing was eye opening. Yes of course you know they started somewhere. There’s just something about hearing to people talk about their ups and downs with your own ears, that really truly opens your eyes. It makes you realize that they were you at some point; learning and evolving. They just didn’t give up. And that’s our goal at Nerd & Lace, to never give up and to share content with you that we are proud of.

One of the highlights of the day was listening to Michelle Phan. She is inspiration, rainbows, and butterflies all wrapped up in one person. But she also let out a “shit” during the panel so that makes her human and genuine. If you’ve never had the opportunity to meet her, please do so.


Asides from all the great people we met, I think the biggest highlight for a lot of us was the Final Cut Pro X demo class. Michelle, as well as Ipsy Stylists Maddy, Cydnee, Lynette, and an Apple expert, showed us how easy it is to use the program.

In truth video editing scares me. I’m a graphic designer by nature, and the thought of making things move, gives me minor heart palpitations. BUT, after the demo three things became very clear to us. 

  1. We need Macs.
  2. We need Final Cut Pro X.
  3. Video editing is time consuming, but simple enough that anyone could do it. 

Thanks a lot guys. I didn’t encouragement on how to spend more money. 


One tip of advice the Apple dude gave us is, if you walk into an Apple store, you could book appointments to learn any of their programs with an expert, free of charge. Something to keep in mind. Love Apple, but I will forever be a Samsung Galaxy phone user. Better camera, and better phone interface for someone that uses their phone for business. As a matter of fact all the pictures in this blog today were taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

And it goes without saying that meeting our fellow IpsyOS family was beyond words. You inspire us and we hope that we could work on collaborations. The wheels in my head never stop working, but right now they are on over drive ready to create!

We want to take a moment to thank all the powers that be at IPSY for this event. As I said before, we really hope there’s more of these in the works.

Stay tune for tomorrow. We’ll be talking about GenBeauty Saturday in detail. Can’t wait! 


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