The Quarantine Life!

Hey, how you doing?

Life is so strange since the last time I stopped in these parts. This pandemic has temporally changed life as we know it. But I am not going to bore you with the details since everyone is pretty well informed.

I am an extrovert, and as much as I love my personal space. I do enjoy people. I like having them around. And this situation is a shock to my normal everyday life. I horribly miss my family and friends. I miss in-person interaction and hugs. God, I miss hugs! I miss simple things like going on a walk to my regular coffee shop and the frivolous perk of getting a mani-pedi. But I can’t, because everything is closed. And you know what, it’s ok, this shall pass. In the meantime, I’ve just been finding ways to keep myself busy, and distracted from the constant overload of information.

I wanted to jump on here today and share some of the things I am doing to keep sane. And hopefully, it can help you get through this while you work from home, and/or until things get back to normal.

Main thing I do, is keeping a routine. I pretend I am commuting to work. One good thing about this is, I DO NOT miss the Subway. Here’s my routine (more or less):

  1. Keep hydrated
  2. Take Vitamin C Daily (good luck finding some)
  3. Before logging into work:
    • I get up at the same time daily.
    • Take a shower.
    • Do my skincare routine (I miss makeup!)
    • Eat breakfast.
    • Make fancy pants coffee.
    • Take my daily work from home OOTD (more on this later).
  4. Always have lunch.
  5. Go on a lunchtime walk (you need fresh air)
  6. Have a snack (because around 2pm you need that bit of sugar and coffee)
  7. Workout
  8. Learn something daily
  9. Participate in virtual tours

I really want to expand on the last three points: workout, learn something daily and participate in a virtual tour.



As a powerlifter, this is MY BIGGEST struggle. What I wouldn’t kill for a squat rack, a barbell, and plates. But since I don’t have that, I’ve been looking for workouts that I can do at home that keep me moving and healthy. Here’s a list of FREE at-home workouts:

There’s SO much out there for free. Get up and get moving!


Nothing is better than detaching and learning something completely different.

Brit+ Co did something amazing, and put ALL their class up for free on their website. Use the code SELFCARE at check out. Trust me, I’ve been taking so many of them, I feel like a photo pro.

But they are not the only website giving free classes. All you have to do is a simple search and you’ll find tons of free resources available.


The Met 14

(I’m really fun in museums *points up*)

One of my favorite winter activities is to go to museums and visit random popups. Sadly, I can’t do that. But I have the next thing, Virtual Museum tours from all over the world!

Good House Keeping put a list of 30 Virtual Museums, zoos, aquariums, and parks. This could such a fun thing to do with the kids. And you could consider it a “school outing”.

Ok, I’ll stop yapping. I hope that I shared some amazing tips for you.

Remember to keep moving. Hydrate. Eat healthy(ish). Have a routine. Check up on your loved ones. Be kind to strangers. And for crying out loud, shower and change out of your pjs.

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