Bridal Market Trend: Diversity

And just like that, Bridal Market is over!

It was a fun sharing this Market with my friend and photographer, Shot by Her – Rebecca Tran.

There was one theme we saw across a few runways, diversity and inclusiveness. A handful of designers had plus size models walking the Bridal catwalk. And in the case of Theia, they had a paraplegic model. Incredible!

Sure, some my say the models weren’t really that plus size. But it’s a start. I’ll take it!

Just rewind back to a few seasons ago, no one was even talking about the possibility of having a woman with curves strutting their stuff. Now it’s happened and it felt great!

Here are some of my favorites:

Hayley Paige

Loretta by Hayley Paige
Owens by Hayley Paige

Blush by Hayley Paige

Remi from Blush by Hayley Paige
Photos Courtesy of JLM Couture

Naama & Anat

Naama & AnatPhoto Courtesy of CLD PR for Naama & Anat

I do need to commend Watters. They fitted their curvy gals in beautiful dresses that complimented their shape perfectly. They didn’t try to fit them into dresses just because they are available in extended sizes. Every time a look came out, I kept saying, “Oh hell yeah!” So designers, take a page from Watters book.

I did get a chance to talk to Watters Creative Director, Xay Vongphachanh. They are passionate about designing gowns for the curvy woman. In fact they have a plus model that tries on their gowns daily. She even explained how everything starts from the pattern. The patterns are completely different.

Trust me, as plus gal myself, there are places were I want cover that maybe a thinner person doesn’t consider. So I appreciate the beautiful effort that Watters is putting to create gowns that look gorgeous regardless of your body type.


Watters (1)

Watters (2)

Willowby by Watters

Willowby by Watters 1

Willowby by Watters 2

Willowby by Watters 3

Wtoo by Watters

Wtoo by Watters (1)
Wtoo by Watters (2)
Wtoo by Watters (3)
Photos Courtesy of coded{pr} for Watters
Photographer: Masato Onoda
Wtoo Flowers provided by Something Borrowed Blooms
Watters jewelry provided by Stephanie Gottlieb

Also want to send a special thank you to Hayley Paige. For including little beauties in her runway for her La Patite collection. They were soooo cute!

LaPetite by Hayley Paige

And after Watters closed their runway with a puppy, I need all runways end this way. Thank you so much!

Wtoo by Watters (4)

I am still holding up hope of seeing a model size 24 and maybe even a transgender. Love is for everyone, and we should all look how we want on our wedding day, am I right?!

To all the designers finally stepping outside of the box and designing gowns for all, Thank you. For those of you still in the dark ages, there’s hope for you yet. Join us! You can totally sit with us.

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