Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Or as I like to call it, Feel yourself up October.

Did you know that every minute somewhere in the world a woman dies from breast cancer? So early prevention is still highly important. Yes, don’t be afraid and touch yourself.

And partners, get into it! You know your lady’s breasts more than anyone else. You know if something feels different. Let’s help your woman out and please let them know when something is not normal? Thank you so much.

In conversation with one of my young trainees, I was explaining to her the proper way to self-examine while taking a shower. She looked so perplexed and said, “Why don’t they teach us this?” Ok girl, challenge accepted. Let’s educate ourselves.

For a graphic demonstration, I sought out the help of (Cancer Association of South Africa):

Breast Cancer Self Examination

In my search, I also came across a great short video from KnowYourLemons. It helps you understand what you are may actually feel:

The video is 60 seconds long. But if you rather read, here you go:

Breast Cancer Self Look and Feel

Please self-examine, and do speak up for yourself. If something doesn’t feel right, do not allow Doctors to dismiss you. Stand up for yourself. It’s your health.

Hope this is helpful!

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