Steamy Hallows

Calling all Witches, Wizards, and No-majs (it’s No-maj here in NYC, not muggles. Do yourself a favor and watch Fantastic Beast. Thanks!). Introducing Steamy Hallows, a new coffee shop, brewing Butterbeer and lattes alike.

I visited during their soft opening weekend and wanted to share my experience with you!

Located in the East Village, Steamy Hallows is a small place but they went all out with wizarding mood. Here’s some pictures for you:

Steamy Hallows 1

Steamy Hallows 2

Steamy Hallows 3

Steamy Hallows 5

Steamy Hallows 6

Steamy Hallows 7

Steamy Hallows 8

Steamy Hallows 9

Steamy Hallows 10

Steamy Hallows 11

Steamy Hallows 12

Steamy Hallows 13

Steamy Hallows 14

Steamy Hallows 15

Steamy Hallows 16

There’s a bunch of fun videos in my instastories. You should check them out. Even magic!

This place is an experience, but the coffee it’s actually pretty good. I had the Butterbeer latte, and one of the cookies. And the staff was equally awesome, I truly recommend them.

Steamy Hallows 17

Guess who’s the Slytherin?

Steamy Hallows is located 514 (3/4) East 6th Street, New York, NY. Stop by, and enjoy a witching brew.

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