Griffin, Goblets and Gold: A Wizarding Tour of The Met

If you’ve been following along to this blog for a while, then you know I love live events (events in general), exhibits, and museums.

The Met 1

My most recent adventure was a few weeks ago, when I visited The Metropolitan Museum of Art, or The Met. I haven’t been since I was in grade school. I don’t remember remember it being SO big. I am pretty sure there’s been addition since. It’s a completely different experience when you visit as an adult. An adult that loves and appreciates art.

The Met 2

The Met is just massive. And you can very easily, show up, buy your ticket and go on your merry way. But why? When you could see the museum with a twist. Recently I discovered a fun way to tour the impressive halls.

I have the FeverUp app. It helps you find things to do around your city. And I am always looking for something fun to do around the big apple. On the app, they have themed tours of the museum; feminist, mysteries, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and so on.

These guided tours help you see The Met with a theme that you really enjoy; keeping you interested, and involved. It takes what could be something very overwhelming and breaks it down into something interactive and fun.

The Met 15

On the app, I found the Griffin, Goblets and Gold: A Wizarding Tour of The Met. Which is obviously a tour of the museum inspired by the boy who lived. No, there’s no actual Harry Potter anything at The Met. Key words here, its a tour of the museum. What they did was take inspiration from the story to create a fun tour.

The Met 17

For example, Hogwarts it’s a castle, correct? Well, there is the courtyard of a Spanish castle inside the museum. Seriously, it’s beyond impressive. But even more impressive is that before the pieces were on display at the museum, the content of the castle were stored in an NYC apartment. That had to be an insanely huge apartment. And, I mean, where is this apartment? Because as you know our living spaces in New York are the size of a shoe boxes. I need to live in said place!

The Met 6

The Met 7

The Met 19

The Met 8

The Met 11

The Met 10

The Met 9

The Met 18

Another example, it’s the Hogwarts common rooms and dormitories. They look like something out of the 18th century. And at The Met they do have an example of what a royal bedroom was in the 1700’s France looked like.

The Met 12

The Met 13

One last thing, there’s a statue that looks like Lord Voldemort. Voldy is so sexy!

The Met 14.png

The tour was super entertaining and kept us engaged. At one point we had to create our own Hogwarts house using inspiration from the African exhibit. Little by little, you do end up seeing 90% of the space.

The Met 16

Best $45 USD I’ve spent. The Met is one of those place you could spend all day. I certainly did. I was still there where people were strolling in for dinner. I was going to grab dinner but I had already walked 22,000 and was exhausted.

The Met 20

I have a ton of more pictures to share with you, but it’s way too many. I do have them up in my instagram stories if you’ll like to check them out.

The Met 21

Some quick pro-tips:

  • Coat check is complimentary.
  • They do have WIFI. But service is still spotty.
  • Bring your charging cord. The gift store does have tables with charging stations.
  • The museum maps come in almost every language.
  • They do offer free guided tours with paid admission. Visit the information desk when you visit.
  • The Met does have events, so please check them out.
  • If you didn’t know The Met does have three different locations; The Met Fifth Avenue, The Met Breuer, and The Met Cloisters. As an FYI, I visited and toured the Fifth Avenue location.

The Met 22

If you ever visit New York City, or just looking to immerse yourself in art, you need to visit The Met. You won’t regret it.

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