Happy International Women’s Day!

This years theme for International Women’s Day is #BalanceforBetter. The campaign runs all year long. The theme provides a unified direction to guide and galvanize continuous collective action. For more information please visit International Women’s Day website.

IWD19 (2)

I am blessed. I was born in a time where I have a voice. I have rights and I have a say. My body is mine and fuck off to anyone that tells me what to do with it. But not everyone is that lucky.

There are women around the world that are treated like a possession. They are oppressed. They are abused. These women have no rights. They are sold into sex trafficking. Children being married off. Living a life in terror. All of this, just because they were born female.

IWD19 (4)

Most of us have daughters, nieces, little girls in our lives. Are you going to tell me that you are fine with them growing up in a world, where these horrors exist? No one should live that kind of life. No one. This may not personally affect me. However, turning my back and ignoring it, doesn’t make it right.

I visited the Brooklyn Museum last week and in the feminist exhibit, there was a poster from an HIV/AIDS campaign. It read Silence=Death. Art is supposed to challenge us, its suppose to make us feel, and think. And this poster did just that. Being quiet is not a choice. We have to lend our voices for those that don’t have one.

Silence = Death

So today I lend my voice to the women that don’t have one. You do matter. You are important.

I get it, a lot of women don’t understand why we celebrate International Women’s Day. I know women that mock it. Let me explain something to you, that entitlement you feel to not care because it doesn’t affect your life, came from tireless efforts from women that took a stand and said no; they had enough. They fought battles that you and I will never understand. Those women gave you the right to not give a shit. So have some respect and show some appreciation. Because without them, where would you find yourself today?

While we are on the subject, let’s talk about feminism. I am a feminist. I know-I know. Such a terrible word, right? Wrong. The definition of a feminist is the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. That’s it. I just want women to be treated as equals.

IWD19 (1)

Being a feminist does not mean I hate men. I only hate the stupid shit some of them do. It does not mean I want to be treated like a man. I am a woman after all and chivalry still goes a long way. I simply don’t believe that you are superior because you have something dangling between your legs. Nor do I think it’s ok for men to make choices regarding women bodies. Men don’t have the slightest clue what it is to be a woman. They have no right to dictate something they will never understand.

I do shave, wear makeup and dresses. It’s not the 80’s or 90’s. I may still love Doc Martens, let’s face it, who doesn’t. But, pretty heels still rule my world. Being a feminist doesn’t change my femininity nor does it stop me from loving all things girly. Again, I am a woman. I love being a woman!

IWD19 (3)

I get it, there are feminist that go off the deep end. And because of that we’ve gotten a bad reputation. And to those, I say unto thee, girl I get being passionate. I’m a Scorpio, it’s kind of our calling card. But, no matter which side you stand on, nothing good ever comes out of being an extremist. There’s needs to be a better way to communicate. Listen to each other instead, don’t shove your beliefs down peoples throat. That’s annoying.

Ok, enough of my geriatric age ranting. If anything can come from any of my rants, it’s to make you think. Let’s unite our brains and hearts, and be a positive influence for our younger generations. It’s not enough to scream “Girl Power”, also we need to show and lead by example.

So today, I am inviting you in the NYC area to Style for Purpose. My roommate, Rebecca, helped put this event together and I think it’s a fun and incredible way to be part of something to help women in need. Hope to see you there!

Style for Purpose

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