Tolkien Middle-earth Exhibit

Welcome to the Middle-earth! Well more like The Morgan Library & Museum in NYC. Where from now until May 12, 2019 they will have an incredible JRR Tolkien exhibit.

If you are not familiar with Tolkien, are you living under a rock? He is only the author of The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Beowulf, and tons more.

tolkien 4

I am currently sitting in a room surrounded by fans of all ages. It’s an awe inspiring sight. This is what an Oxford professor has done over half a century later. He has gathered young and old to pay a tribute to his timeless work. Stories that will go on forever.

To my left there is a young dad with his daughter on a stroller. In front of me a mom with her two little ones. To the left a man walking with a cane. Behind me an early water color painting of Gandalf.

tolkien 8

This exhibit takes you kind of behind the scenes to the creation of what I consider being some of the best books ever written. Books that allowed us to fantasized and inspired so many of us. And not to forget, a powerhouse movie franchise.

Let’s face it, when you visit you need to see and read everything. However, there are some key items you really shouldn’t miss.

  • All the incredible watercolor paintings. There’s so many! All painted by Tolkien himself.
  • The first edition of The Hobbit and the design for the dust jacket. I tried really hard not getting emotional, but I did shed a few tears. It’s just so beautiful. Only bookies understand the true beauty of a book and the words that live within those pages.
  • The first map of The Lord of the Rings. It’s freaking mind blowing! The detail! Oh the detail!
  • Timeline of the Breaking of the Fellowship. The man wrote everything down. Detail was his game. He documented it all; time of the day, clothes, weather, everything to keep himself in order.
  • Read the six page typed letter to book reviewer Naomi Mitchison. Yes it’s six pages, single spaced, but a must read. Trust me, I stood there and read the entire thing.
  • Dust jacket design for The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King. Its truly remarkable to see how he hand drew it all.
  • The Christmas letters he wrote to his children. SO adorable.

And of course here are some pro-tips:

  • I went on a Sunday, doors opened at 11am, and there was a line. It gets crowded. Give yourself time. Plan to spend the day if you go on the weekend.
  • If you’re just going for the exhibit have a few hours to spare. Its not the kind of thing you can do in 30 mins and leave. If you really want to soak it all in, you need a few hours. There will be tons of people there doing the same thing. Have patience and you will see it all.
  • The museum offers complimentary coat check. Large bags also need to be checked. Luggage’s are not welcome.
  • Friday’s are free after 5pm. But you are not guaranteed admission to the exhibit.
  • The exhibit is included with museum admission. Its $22 USD for adults.
  • When you purchase your ticket please let them know you want to see the exhibit and they will give you a ticketed time you can go in.
  • No photography allowed. This is why I don’t have any pictures.
  • There’s no reentry to the Tolkien exhibit. Make sure to see it ALL before exiting.
  • There’s other exhibits. Please check them out. The Morgan is an incredible place. Check. Out. The. Library. Its a dream! The kind of place that’ll give Belle massive jealousy. I was lucky to also see the Frankenstein exhibit on its last day.
  • Do stop by he gift shop. Not only do they have every Tolkien book, but it’s filled with awesome finds.
  • Have lunch at The Morgan. I had veggie burger and it was delicious. They also have “tea” service.

tolkien 11

Final thoughts, if you are a Tolkien fan or a fantasy bookie, this exhibit is for you.

Also, keep on the look out for the Tolkien movie/biopic. Its set to release May 2019.

Please let me know if you visit. I’d love to read your thoughts!

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