Trolls the Experience

Pop-up attractions are seriously the best thing that happened in New York City. I love going to them. If you visit my instagram, my highlights is filled with the recent one I’ve attended. Today we went to Trolls the Experience, for Hug Week!

My niece, sister, and I joined Queen Poppy’s best day ever celebration! And it was. So. Much. FUN! If you or your little ones love the movie Trolls, then by everything that is glittery, take them right now! Well not write now, since I wrote this at 10pm. But you know what I mean.

When you first walk in, you receive your invitation from Queen Poppy. Inside is a check list of everything you need to do, items you should collect, and are instructed to follow the rainbow trail. Then up the escalator to get the party started.

Disclaimer: I am not actually going to tell you everything that happens because I don’t want to ruin it for you.

Except for the first item, Get Party Ready. This is where you get Trolled out. You have two options. Option one, get temporary tattoos, and a really cool Troll head which is all included with your ticket.

trolls the experience 9trolls the experience 10trolls the experience 11

Option two, Hair We Go VIP Experience. This add-on package and it includes: Premium makeup design. You get to choose between Poppy, Branch, Guy Diamond, or a rainbow. It  also includes premium troll Hair.

We had option two, and my niece chose her favorite character, Queen Poppy.

trolls the experience 12trolls the experience 13trolls the experience 14trolls the experience 15trolls the experience 16

My niece is not one to have people paint her face, but she sat there like a pro and let the makeup artist go to town. I didn’t catch the artist name, but she was the sweetest!

They used non toxic makeup, it came off super easy with water.

trolls the experience 17

Like I said, I am not going to spoil the experience. But here is a picture spam.

trolls the experience 6trolls the experience 8trolls the experience 20trolls the experience 21trolls the experience 24trolls the experience 18trolls the experience 19trolls the experience 22trolls the experience 23trolls the experience 25trolls the experience 26trolls the experience 27trolls the experience 28trolls the experience 29trolls the experience 30

Just a tip, don’t forget to see all the party assistants with the orange messenger bags. You are going to need the items they hand you for one of the last things you do. And make sure you strike a pose at the photo booths. Not only does it print pictures for you, you could also txt or email them to yourself.

One of the things I was hoping they did was for them to have light up bracelets that randomly light up announcing random “hug time” but sadly they didn’t. Also, my sister felt it was a bit rushed, but at the time we went, there really wasn’t a lot of people. It was really crowded as we were leaving. You’re going to need a few hours to do everything.

Pro-tip: They do have complimentary coat check, and indoor stroller parking. Also, they do have a gift shop filled with amazing treats. And make sure you do everything in each section. Once you move on, you can not get back.

trolls the experience 31trolls the experience 32trolls the experience 33

And right now it the right time to buy tickets since they are running a Buy One, Get One FREE promotion. Use code: HUGWEEK to save on dates through May 2019.

Check out my instagram stories for videos of our fun. My expert advice, you need to take your little ones!

pps. If you didn’t know Trolls: The Beat Goes One is a Netflix series. And they just released season 5!

Thank you so much DreamWorks for having us. We really did have the Best Day Ever!

trolls the experience 34

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