RIP to my Quay Sunglasses

It’s official, I am no longer going to be buying any more Quay sunglasses. My second pair is now dead.

You may remembered what happened to my Desi + Quay’s On The Low sunglasses. They literally snapped in several places. I blogged about it back in 2016. And yes, Quay did send me a credit to replace the pair. I couldn’t bring myself to buy the same shades in the case that the same thing would have happened. So I decided to go with a cool pair called Bronx (no longer available).

Even my nephew wore them during his prom pics.

RIP Quay's 8

They had been going great since. That was until a couple of week ago. When I opened my sunglasses case, and instead of one whole pair of glasses, it came out in two pieces. Yeah…

RIP Quay's 2

It’s not like I mistreated them, they were only carried around in a triangle shaped box from the same brand. But no-no, they still broke. So this is was my very last pair from the brand.


I honesty, have sunglasses that are over ten years old from Five Below that are still in perfect condition. I can’t justify this happening to not one, but TWO shades that are over $60 USD. They are not even the same style, or even close to similar.

I know-I know, people rave about that brand. It is a cool brand, that do have some cool shades, and doing collabs with amazing people. I just can’t get behind their quality. My sister also has one of their shades, and she is forever putting back the lens because it pops out.

I will never tell you to not purchase a product or brand. But it would be completely irresponsible of me, if I didn’t at least give you a heads up on the kind of quality you’ll be spending your hard earned money.

Has this happened to anyone else? I know the Desi “On The Low” pretty much broke for 99.9% of those that bought it. However, has another pair complete broke in half? I have never seen anything like this before.

Don’t worry I replaced my “good” pair of sunglasses with Ray-Bans Original Wayfarer and couldn’t be happier! I always dreamed of owning a pair, and now I do.

RIP Quay's 9

Proud aunt moment!

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