Glitter Lipsticks

With all the glitter lips rave, a few brands have come up with their own glitter lipsticks. And I got my hand into a few. I mean it’s glitter on the lips. It’s magic!


If you’ve been around these parts the you know I love me some MBA Cosmetics. A true small and independent makeup brand. And during this past IMATS they released they’re very own glitter lipstick. I picked up Bellatrix. Which I mean it’s a nod to my Harry Potter nerdom. It’s the kind of color that you could wear over anything, or by itself. Even with a simple liner. It’s super glittery making your lips look like tiny disco balls! For the sake of the pictures I wore it, in it’s natural state.

It comes in a pretty standard 5g tube. BUT they are not on sale yet so I have no pricing to share. HOWEVER, when they are, I will certainly let everyone know. Because this was so pretty. Specially now for summer, it’ll look so fun with a tan on a summer night. In the mean time, check out MBA Cosmetics. They have tons of glitter and beautiful makeup.


I scored the shade FAME, and its a 4g tube. It retails for $19.00 USD. While this one is not a glittery, it does have a ton of more pigmentation, and its super comfortable. But then again, I find that most Gerard lip products are very comfortable. I LOVE their Lipsticks. They are my go to, an own about half of the collection.

In the mean time check out all the six shades of their glitter lipsticks on Gerard Cosmetics website.

Which one do you like the best? Or do you have a different brand of glitter lippies you prefer? Let me know!



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