New York Weddings Event

Let’s unofficially kick off wedding season! If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably saw in my insta stories that I attended the New York Weddings Magazine Event last week. It was amazing!

They bring 100 of the most creative, stylish, and tasteful wedding service providers together to help you find everything you need for your big day— from the perfect dress and jewelry, to florists and planners. Even event planners and cake!

New York Magazine Event 1

All New York City areas brides need to attend this event. You could find ANYTHING that you need for your big day. And to prove it, I am going to create my wedding reception with some of my favorite finds.

Let’s get started!


I don’t know how I never thought of this, since I am a HUGE cheese head. I remember when I was little my grandma’s neighbor used to keep the cheese in the bottom tray so I could reach it. All I ever wanted was cheese. And now as an adult that still holds truth. I LOOOOVE cheese. All types. So when I saw the display of Murray’s Cheese my insides screamed, THIS IS BRILLIANT! So I am sorry lactose intolerant guest to my fake wedding, a cheese buffet is part the cocktail hour.

New York Magazine Event 2

New York Magazine Event 3

New York Magazine Event 4


This is my second year attending New York Weddings Magazine Event. And for the second year in a row Designs by AHN blew me away with her display. She’s just amazing! Obviously, she would be the one planing my fake wedding.

New York Magazine Event 5


I may not eat red meat or pork, BUT that doesn’t meant I wouldn’t want my guest to have an amazing meal. And because I am not a ballroom-sit-down-dinner-kinda-girl, I am giving my guests as part of the reception dinner, a carving station from Katz’s Deli. Who knew that they catered!

New York Magazine Event 6

New York Magazine Event 7


Cake is one of the main reasons to have a wedding. And for a while now, I’ve been dreaming with a naked cake. And who better to create my wedding cake than Milk Bar. The originators of the naked cake. Their funfetti is crack like goooood! Ever had their corn cookies? They are insane. I highly recommend their Corn Cookies. They are life! New York Magazine Event 8


Ever dreamed of someone eating your face? No, neither have I. BUT these personalized face cookies from Cupcake Market are hilarious. Imagine the face your guests will make when they see them? I love them! Y’all are getting them.

New York Magazine Event 9

New York Magazine Event 10

And that’s it! Did you enjoy my fake wedding? It was pretty awesome if I say so myself. And these don’t even a dent of the vendors you could find at New York Weddings Magazine Event. There’s something for every style, and budget.

Before we left we had way too much fun with the decorations as they were being taken down. When bloggers unite amazing things happen.

New York Magazine Event 12
Bibi Camilo
New York Magazine Event 13
Carolina Real
New York Magazine Event 14
Lotus Bridal

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