Galentine & Chill

For some us, our squad is spread across the country, which is my case. So having a Galentine’s dinner, is almost impossible.

But it got me thinking of a fun gift that could be easily shipped. And I came up with this idea of a Netflix and Chill package… Wait! NOT that kind of “chilling” or “package”, geesh my mouth!

Any who, instead we are calling Galentine and Chill gift pack. Because all the contents in would made for a great night in.

Here is what I included:


Galentine and Chill 5

Wonder Woman. Why? Because every we are all the Wonder Women of our lives. Plus, it’s a badass woman, in a badass movie. Say it with me, GIRL POWER! Dirty Dancing, Mean Girls, The DUFF, A Walk To Remember, and The Notebook are a worthy institution.


Galentine and Chill 6

We all live a crazy lives, and an adult drink is needed every once in a while. So I included one. Wine, and Vodka bottles are also a good substitution. And you know, it doesn’t necessarily need to be alcohol. It could be your biffles favorite soda, juice, bottled coffee, tea, and the list goes on!


Galentine and Chill 4

Here I put a little bit of everything for all the moods. Of course popcorn is a most. Then some chocolate for the sweet tooth. Cheese crackers for the cheese head and the salty mood. And lastly for the googie yummyness some pop-tarts. Put those babies in the toaster, and enjoy it nice and warm. It gives you happy feelings.

Galentine and Chill 2

Doesn’t it look like a party of one? All I would need is one of my onesies, a blankie, and my couch.

I hope this inspires you with an idea on what to get your galentine. The thing is, this is(are) your best-friend(s). You know them like the back of your hand. Gifts tend to come easy for me when I know the person well. And I hope it’s the same for you.

Now, the big question is, what’s your favorite movie treat?


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