Lazy Avocado Toast

I call this my Lazy Avocado Toast because I don’t make anything. I just put it all together. But it tastes amazing!

I love Trader Joe’s because it makes me look like a 3 star Michelin restaurant chef. But you know, I loathe cooking. I do it because it’s better for my waistline and budget. Still, I am always looking for shortcuts because who wants to wait an hour to eat when you are STARVING? Not I.

This is what I use for my toasts:

After toasting the bread, I spread one pack spread on both sides and sprinkle the seasoning on top. And that’s it.

Lazy Avocado Toast 4

Now once in a while, I get “fancy” and add eggs on top.

Lazy Avocado Toast 2

The curse of being a blogger, you have to wait to eat because pictures are needed. Such is life. But it was delicious. I did however needed to reheat my French Press coffee.

I love sharing these super easy short cuts with you. So, share your super easy recipes with me. Let’s be lazy “chefs” together!

Bon appetite!

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  1. Tweedandthebeard says:

    Hey, I nominated you for a Mystery Blogger Award!

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