Stranger Things Eleven Inspo

And I am back! I needed some time off. Between the Holidays, getting sick, and still struggling with back issues, I just needed quiet. But you can’t keep me away long. I bet you missed me. I know-I know you were crying without me.

Any ways, here I give you my first MOTD of the year. It sort of happen by mistake. I went to a birthday party that was supposed to be 70s-80s-90s but it really turned out to be 70s party, bummer! I was going for Robert Palmer Addicted to Love video, but ended up looking more like Eleven from Stranger Things.

Eleven - Stranger Things

If you are not familiar with Stranger Things, its a Netflix show set in the 80s. And this is a scene from season two. This is how it turned out:

Eleven Makeup Inspo 1


Eleven Makeup Inspo 2


Eleven Makeup Inspo 3


Eleven Makeup Inspo 4

Let’s face it, smokey eyes works for just about anything. And it’s super easy to accomplish. Just blend-blend-blend and keep it a bit tight. If not, it goes raccoon eyes pretty quick.

Speaking of Eleven, actress Millie Bobby Brown looked STUNNING last night at the Golden Globes. She wore Calvin Klein. 

An age appropriate dress, and super cute! She was by far top 10 for me. Actually my nerd actress all represented in Black! #blackout

Do you guys watch Stranger Things? If you don’t, but like fantasy/sci-fi then I highly recommend this. You get awesome monsters, great actors, and the amazing 80s!

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