MYOB Halloween Party

This past Saturday I attended the MYOB Cosmetics Fall Collection release. But wait! It gets better, it was a Halloween Party! So Danessa and I got all dressed up and headed that way.

It was held at Jue Lan, which is the old LimeLight Nightclub. If you’ve never heard of LimeLight, it’s an old church. Yes, and old church. Which to me it’s the perfect location for a Halloween Party.

It was too dark to take pictures of the entire place. BUT I am sharing with you a ton of pictures I took.

Here’s the new collection. Filled with tons of new products and shades.

It wouldn’t be a Halloween party with out some treats. And boy, did we get treats!

There was also a photobooth and we had way too much fun in there!

I want to thank Anthony, Ashley, and everyone at MYOB for putting this party together. We never get the opportunity of having brand parties since most of them are out in Los Angeles. So to have one in New York City, was incredible! I hope this becomes a yearly tradition.

I will have swatches for the new items next week. It’s been a crazy week and I almost didn’t get to share this with you. WHEW! So happy I did.

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