Burgundy Glitter Glam

Some times a girl just wants a little glitter to sparkle her day. Even the worlds pickiest model, JJ, wanted some bling on her lids. She asked me to recreate this look for after she found it on Pinterest and wanted to see what she would look like with it.

It’s pretty simple. All you just need is good glitter and glitter glue. This is what I used to recreate it. I was inspired by the rich colors of fall, and some sexy smokeyness.

I know, the glitter looks a bit messy. I stupidly used a dirty brush by mistake when trying to clean under the eyes. UGH! The curse of having a lot of brushes, and not remembering what you’ve already used.

Burgundy Glitter Glam 4

Here’s what I used:

  • BROWS: Dark Brown – Anastasia Beverly Hills Brows Wiz
  • ALL OVER LID: Matt Lin – theBALM’s Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette
  • CREASE: Matt Thomas & Matt Moskowitz – theBALM’s Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette
  • OUTER CORNER: Matt Trimony & Matt Ahmed – – theBALM’s Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette
  • LID GLITTER: Dakota Rose – MBA Cosmetics
  • GLITTER GLUE: Glitter, Foil, & Line FX – MBA Cosmetics
  • INNER CORNER HIGHLIGHT: Intense – MYOB Cosmetics Highlight
  • WATERLINE: Black Magic – Beauty for Real 24-7 Eyeliner
  • LOWER LASH LINE: Matt Thomas & Matt Moskowitz – theBALM’s Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette
  • MASCARA: Mad Lash – theBALM Cosmetics
  • HIGHLIGHT: Intense – MYOB Cosmetics
  • LIPS: Tuscany – OFRA Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick

Burgundy Glitter Glam 1

In my world, glitter is always a good idea, but this a fun look for the soon approaching holidays. MBA Chromalights are some of the best I’ve used. Once they set, they don’t move. At all. And they are just SO pretty. It’s like a disco ball in your lids.

What do we think of this MOTD? What’s your favorite glitter?

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