MBA Cosmetics + Agapelovegirl Collaboration

Full disclosure, I love MBA Cosmetics and Agapelovegirl! So this is not going to be a review. Why not? Because it’d sound bias of me when I genuinely love a brand. But I have reasons for my love. I think MBA Cosmetics produces some of the best shadows in the market for an extremely reasonable price. And I think everyone should buying from them. The end. See why this couldn’t be a review? It’d just be me fangirling.

Instead I will share with you this beautiful collection.

The Vintage Romance Collection includes 10 loose shadows with versatile shades. Ranging from the darkest black with silver sparkles to the prettiest shimmer.

Let’s fan girl! See the fangirling has begun! 

MBA Cosmetics + Agapelovegirl 4MBA Cosmetics + Agapelovegirl 3MBA Cosmetics + Agapelovegirl 1MBA Cosmetics + Agapelovegirl 2

My swatching is so on fleek… #not

Which one is my favorite? It’s hard to choose because I love them all for different reasons. However, I will mention the ones that took me by a pleasant surprise.

  • Sweet Nothings: When I thought it was a regular matte black, it has silver glitter in it #dead. I mean really YAS!
  • Vintage Lace: When you first look at it in the container, it looks like a regular matte nude. And then you swatch it, and it’s the prettiest shimmer. I may even try it as a highlighter because why not, right?

The entire collection sells for $28 USD and each jar is 1gm. In another words, that’s a lot of eyeshadows for a small price. AND if you use Maria’s code AGAPELOVE15 you save even more money!

A huge thanks to Maria, aka Agapelovegirl, for sending me her collection. No, this did not influence my opinion in the least. I just happen to love both MBA Cosmetics and Maria. Together, they are amazing!

Get the Vintage Romance Collection



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