Boxy Charm April & May 2017

Still playing catch up, and it’s Boxy Charm’s turn, yay!

I love Boxy Charm. It’s currently my favorite subscription. You get five full size items for $21USD a month. And I feel they do a really good job curating each box.

But don’t take my word for it. Take a look:

APRIL 2017 | Boho Glow

Boxy Charm April 2017

Total box value $116.99!

Favorite Item? The Ofra highlighter. You could see it from the moon!

Boxy Charm April 2017 - Ofra

MAY 2017 | Makeup Is Art

Boxy Charm May 2017

Total box value $143.49!

Favorite Item? The Tempu highlighter… wait- do ya’ll think I am obsessed with highlighter? Yes. Yes I am.

Boxy Charm May 2017 - Tempu

Do you Boxy Charm? What are your favorite items? 

Don’t have a Boxy Charm? Join today!


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