The Makeup Show NYC 2017 | Part One

Attending The Makeup Show NYC is always a treat for me. This show is centered around further educating Pro-Makeup Artists. So this year, I took a different approach. Instead of blowing off money on products, I really don’t need, I sat through as many workshops as I could.

My first stop was pretty darn early at 9:30 am with the one and only Deshawn Hatchet. She was sponsored by FACE Altelier, this is the kind of makeup all pros need in their kit.

Deshawn Hatchet

Personally, I don’t have experience applying makeup on dark skin tones. As a matter of fact it frightens me. So if I was going to learn from someone, it was from Ms. Hatchet.

The moment she started talking all my worries went away. She made it so simple to understand the complexion of an ethnic woman, by using her chest as your guide.

Use her chest as her guide? Yes! Her chest will either be lighter or the shading/bronzer/contour (whatever we want to call it). If it’s lighter, use that as your highlight. If it’s darker, that’s your contour. It doesn’t get simpler than that!

In order for you to successfully apply makeup on deeper and richer skin tones, you have to understand that the majority of the time, the perimeter of the face will most likely be darker than the center of the face. Thank you Ms. Hatchet for bringing me off the ledge, now I don’t feel so lost.

Her best advice to all? Learn your color theory.

Next up was the Make Up For Ever class, thought by Nicholas Lujan – Assisting Managing Educator. He went over some makeup basics, and discussed some of the new products the line recently released.

For example, the new Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Skin Booster. It’s perfect for skin prep before makeup application or mixing it into your primer or foundation. It gives your complexion and instant fresh and clean glow. It looks plump and healthy.

As we were learning from one of the top stylist at MUFE, the one and only Dany Sanz joined us and she finished the look he had been working on.

Dany Sanz

Can you believe she created this look in two minutes? I wish I was kidding. That is raw talent!


Did you know the original shadow presser was her own dad? It’s true, and he did it day and night. He was even the creator of some of the original shades.

Their final advice? Learn your color theory.

Are we seeing a pattern? 

My plan was to put together a massive write up on everything I learned at The Makeup Show. HOWEVER, after going thru my notes on KJ Bennett’s Makeup Kit Breakdown workshop, I quickly realized that it was in fact going to be MASSIVE. He literally went over detail in a pro-kit. So, stay tune for that and the notes from the Town Hall Keynote. It was a blast!

For now, wishing y’all a day full of blinding highlighter and sunshine.



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  1. Sheismelrose says:

    Wow, the makeup is amazing and I’m a fan of MUF products I swear by the foundation.

    1. Nerd & Lace says:

      It really is amazing. Its my favorite Makeup Show

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