Happy Mother’s Day!

My mom is better than your mom! No really, she is. But I do hope that you feel the same way about your own mom.

This is my ode to my mom. A woman that is selflessly loving and caring, with a heart the size of Mars. If you’re hungry she will feed you to the point you have to tell her to stop (no seriously). If you’re sad, she will go out of her way to make you smile. If you’re mad at her, it just takes a few hours for her to win you back.


She is perfectly imperfect. Filled with flaws but that’s what makes her Evelyn. That’s what makes her my mom. No woman compares. No woman will ever comes close.

When I doubt myself, even when she doesn’t understand why I do certain things, she tells me to live my dream and to never give up.

You’re my unicorn, my mermaid, and my superhero. Everything I am is because of your love and blinding support.

I love you mom.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sheismelrose says:

    lol I feel the same with my mom hope you had a great mothers day

    1. Nerd & Lace says:

      I love that so much! I’m so happy someone else understands that blind love for our parents.

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