The Makeup Show 2017 | Press Brunch

What would you like the rest of the world to know about the being a makeup artist?

This was one of the many questions that was answered during this weekend at The Makeup Show NYC. This event is by far the best show created for Pro-Makeup Artists. Sure, you do get massive makeup discounts. However, it’s truly centered around education. If you’re a pro, and didn’t attend, you missed out on a lot.

Who should attend? All Pro-Makeup Artist, and those looking to start an actual career in makeup. This is not really an event for makeup enthusiasts, influencers, or youtubers. And please don’t ready anything into this, it’s just a fact that this event is really curated for professionals, and further educating such professionals.

Which leads me right into defining, What is a professional makeup artist? According to Emmy Award winning Makeup Artist Kevin James Bennett, a professional makeup artist is anyone that supplements their income by applying makeup onto others.

Every year I learn so much that I leave with a new purpose and a zillion ideas. And I want to share it all with you. So as usual, let’s start from the beginning.

On Saturday, I attended the press brunch, and the moment I walked in, my mouth hit the floor. Why? Because the founder of Make Up For Ever, Dany Sanz, was standing there painting a massive mural. They were promoting the relaunch of their new body paint cream colors, and she used them to create the mural.


There was also a gorgeous art gallery from painter and makeup artist Moises Ramirez. His work is amazing. I would love to one day be able to own one of his pieces. I love how he blends painting, photography, make-up artistry, and illustration in his work.

Moises Ramirez 1Moises Ramirez 2Moises Ramirez 3

Our host James Vincent, walked us through what was new at the show and the most recent makeup trends for the year.

James Vincent

New brands this year:

Trends for this year:

  • Bare skin
  • Blush
  • Prominent Pout
  • Natural Glow
  • Color shadows
  • Soft Smoky Eyes
  • Glossy Lips
  • Pops of Glitter

So it’s time for shocking glosses, and soft glittery smoky eyes. And say good bye to harsh contouring and crazy highlights because fresh glowing skin is in!

And to answer the initial question, Pro-Makeup Artists want everyone to know that it’s not as glamorous as the media portraits. It’s hard-sweaty work. It’s early mornings and long hours. And you’ll be surrounded by people from all walks of life and personalities. But if you want it bad enough, you need to be willing to put in the hard work and effort.

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes at The Makeup Show NYC. Including lots of advice from the pioneers in the business.

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  1. Sheismelrose says:

    I wanted to go so bad but only had enough for Beauty Con. Thanks for the insights The Frida one is my fav

    1. Nerd & Lace says:

      YES! The Frida is life!

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